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Posted 03/15/2023 by Lane Cove Physio

Get Fit and Ready for The Season with North Sydney's Top Sports Physio: Griffith Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre

Get Fit and Ready for The Season with North Sydney's Top Sports Physio: Griffith Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre

Are you looking for physiotherapy in North Sydney? Are you looking for physiotherapy to treat your sports, accidental, and other injuries? Then your wait is over, as Griffith Physiotherapy and Sports Injury center is here to treat all your problems. Their team of experts will cure all your pain-related issues. You must be wondering what these therapists do. So why do we need physiotherapy when we have skilled doctors to look after us? So, first, let us understand why we need physiotherapists, and then they will examine how they can help us.  

Who are physiotherapists?  

Have you ever experienced throbbing pain in your lower back? Some people even say that they have that pain traveling from the lower back to the buttocks to their legs and then to their toes. That’s Sciatica pain! Now, that’s the most challenging situation one could be in. The pain never stops unless you are sleeping. But can you sleep throughout the day? You have to get through your day and perform your duties; you must go to the office and work. So, how do it then? Stay on painkillers? How long can you consume painkillers?  

That’s where North Sydney physiotherapist at Griffith physiotherapy comes in and helps you ease your pain. Without prescribing strong medications, just the help of remedial massage and some basic strengthening exercises can help you get relief with every session. Like Sciatica pain, other injuries can happen due to sports, accidents, or falling or slipping. These can cause excruciating pain in the injured area. Orthopaedics would prescribe strong medications to get you moving, but later on, they would recommend that you connect with the best physiotherapist. They would help you strengthen your muscles around the injured area and then help support the bone, which would help you prevent further damage to the bone. 

Sports Injuries  

One of the common sports injuries is a Knee ligament tear. For this, the doctors would run through the MRI and scans to check the level of damage. If it is nearly 100% damaged, they would perform knee surgery and structure the ligament synthetically. Even with or without the surgery, a good doctor would prescribe you to meet the best sports injury physiotherapist. As you have undergone surgery, it is crucial that you do not put too much pressure on your new or partially torn ligament. They will conduct the physio session and help you strengthen your muscles with basic exercises. These sessions are dependent on the extent of your injury and damage. Some sessions go for a month and some over six months.  

What do these physiotherapists do?  

Physiotherapy helps treat discomfort and pain, restoring movement post-injury, illness, or disability. So, the therapists at north Sydney physiotherapy are highly qualified and experienced to understand what you have gone through and how their sessions can help you recover. These therapists are in the panel and aligned with orthopedic doctors. Not necessary for every injury. The solution lies in surgery. For example, someone met with a car accident, and he injured his spine, due to which he started to experience backache.  

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