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Posted 10/29/2021 by Aardwolf Security

Get The Best Pen Testing Service At Aardwolf Security!

Get The Best Pen Testing Service At Aardwolf Security!

Aardwolf Security (https://aardwolfsecurity.com/) is one of the best pen testing companies in the UK, offering quality services to all kinds of businesses. With their personalised services, everyone can have their cyber security concerns solved efficiently. 

Aardwolf Security utilises a modern approach to their wide range of pen testing services, such as web app assessments, which is the public-facing side of the business. It also specialises in reviewing cloud platforms (platform as a service), which are the places where sensitive data of a company are stored. The company also understands that businesses networks are prone to cyberattacks. That said, it offers their expertise in network assessments to locate any possible threats that may affect their clients’ cyber security. Other services that the firm offers include code reviews, social engineering, build reviews, red team assessments, vulnerability assessments, and firewall assessments.

The cyber security firm performs its security assessments following the Open Web Application Security Project or OWASP methodology, which is a non-profit organisation that aims to improve the security of the software and web. Aardwolf Security also makes sure that the service that its clients get does not stop after the actual service is performed as they also provide aftercare services. So, if they encounter problems or if they have queries in the future, the company is ready to address them.

Aardwolf Security also maintains a blog through its website, aiming to educate its visitors about cyber security. The most recent articles they published include the 5 things that a network should include, what a code review is, and mobile application penetration testing methodology. They also publish best practices that a firm should practice to protect its assets, such as its firewall. Aside from the blog, the website also provides information about the things that businesses need to consider when hiring pen testing companies UK and the commonly asked questions about the services that they offer. All this aim to educate businesses to have healthier online operations and security. 

With Aardwolf Security, anyone can ask for a free quote. For interested parties, just visit the company’s website at https://aardwolfsecurity.com/pen-testing-companies to learn more about the services that it offers.

About Aardwolf Security

Aardwolf Security is one of the leading cyber security service providers in the UK. It prides itself in giving a personalised service that extends beyond the time that the service that it provides through an aftercare service. Some of their services include build reviews, cloud penetration testing, firewall assessments, network penetration test, red team engagements, secure code reviews, social engineering, vulnerability assessments, and web application penetration test. For enquiries, you can fill out the Contact Us form through the company’s website at https://aardwolfsecurity.com/contact-us/. Alternatively, you can call them at 0203 5388 067 or email them at contact@aardwolfsecurity.com.

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