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Godavari River Water Utilization Corporation By TDP Government

Godavari River Water Utilization Corporation By TDP Government

Godavari, which is wasted by the sea every year, The state government of Andhra Pradesh under the rule of TDP has taken measures to use water as much as possible. The government is also focusing on the construction of mega projects like the Icchampally and Devada lift scheme on river Godavari which are securely concentrated.


Our state's share of Godavari river waters is 1480- TMCs. Now we are using only 745 TMCs of water. Projects are under construction to facilitate the water consumption of 115 TMCs. Available for new projects. 620 TMCs of water. Under the TDP government the Godavari river waters are well maintained and used for well being of the farmers and for all the water used cultivations of both Godavari Districts.


Nara Chandrababu Naidu who is the former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh did everything in the favor of the growth of usage of Godavari river waters. These are clearly followed by the people of Andhra Pradesh in every stage of happening till the end of every project and are seen and followed on Latest TDP News.


With the aim of diverting Godavari water to 7 districts of Telangana and 3 districts of Coastal Andhra and making full use of Godavari water, the government has launched "Godavari River Waters". Constituted a utility company. A high-level committee has been formed at the central government level to resolve inter-state issues arising from constructing Icchampally and Polavaram projects. The government is also planning to build projects on the Godavari like Ellampalli, Dummagudem, Polavaram, Penganga, and Pranahita. In every project that was done and established by the TDP Government under the Leadership of our Former CM N Chandrababu Naidu, every Leader in TDP and every TDP MLA used to work on every possible way to achieve the stupendous vision of their leader Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu. By taking care of every project possible in every way they have many TDP Contributions throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh.


The government has also proposed minor irrigation schemes to tap 47 TMCs of water including 32 medium-scale projects. Repair work in 63 medium water drainage projects at the cost of 37.29 crores is going on at full speed. 289 minor irrigation schemes are under construction across the state. 4948 minor water bodies which have been neglected for a long time have been taken up by the government at a cost of 226 crores and most of these works have been completed. 136 upliftment schemes have been taken up with about 250 crores. The government has set up 23 new divisions to examine the possibilities of new irrigation schemes in all districts.


 The government works with the determination to collect funds for the projects under construction, complete them within the stipulated deadlines and provide their fruits to the people. The TDP government soon proved that the Devada Lift Irrigation project is possible, rejecting the criticism of Congress and other opposition leaders that this project is feasible. These are said to be the Greatest TDP Achievements. Two circles have been formed at Warangal and Jagitya under the leadership of the Warangal Chief Engineer to actively construct the second phase of the Sriram Sagar, flood canal projects. 3648 kilometers of crop canals have been rehabilitated at an expenditure of about 49.31 crores.

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