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Hair Growth And Hair Loss

Hair Growth And Hair Loss

Hair fall on the scalp is quite normal since it is a part of the hair growth cycle. Hair loss takes place when the hair growth cycle is disturbed and more hair loss takes place in the comparison of hair growth. In this condition, you need the help of a qualified hair doctor in Indore

Read this blog to understand the difference between hair growth and hair loss. 

Hair growth cycle and its three stages

Mainly hair growth cycle has three main phases of hair growth. 


Anagen is the first stage of hair growth. This stage may last between two to six years. As the name suggests, during this phase, the protein root of hair follicles begin to grow healthy hair. 


This is a transition phase. Hair does not grow actively during this phase. This phase takes place for only two to two weeks. At any given time, less than 1% of hair is in this phase. 


This is the resting phase of the hair growth cycle. During this phase, hair loss takes place and the process of hair growth is stopped for a period of three to four months. 

What is Hair Loss?

A larger percentage of the hair on your scalp may experience hair thinning and hair loss. In this condition, the health of hair will go down gradually and they will fall at a faster rate. 

This condition may take place temporarily but sometimes, it is permanent. Permanent hair loss is also called male pattern baldness. 

For both types of health issues, you need proper hair treatment in Indore

Possible reasons for hair loss 

Hair loss may take place due to the following reasons

Medical reasons:

Hair loss may take place due to medical issues. Pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and thyroid issues are some medical conditions that may promote hair loss. Moreover, medical conditions like anemia, scalp infections, immune system related problems and hair-pulling disorders are also responsible for hair loss. 


Any kind of physical and mental stress may cause hair loss. Hair loss may take place due to a painful or stressful event like death of a relative or financial problems. Stress promotes the secretion of stress hormones that cause serious hair loss on the scalp. Reducing the level of stress is one of the most obvious idea to treat stress related hair loss. 

Medicines and supplements:

There are some medications that may promote hair loss on the scalp. These medications include medicines for cancer, arthritis, heart issues, gout, high blood pressure and depression. Some health supplements may bring hair loss as well. Therefore, you should use any health supplements after proper consultation with a trained doctor. 

Final words

Whenever you experience signs of hair loss in your scalp, you need to visit a hair loss clinic immediately since your laziness may make the condition worst in the future. You need the help of a trained and experience hair loss doctor to have proper hair loss treatment in Indore

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