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Posted 03/10/2023 by Marmm Klinik

Hair Loss: Reasons And Treatment

Hair Loss: Reasons And Treatment

Hair loss is not included in the health issues that you can treat without professional help. If you are suffering from hair loss, you need to see a hair specialist in Indore for proper treatment. 

Losing some hair is normal but if you lose hair excessively, it is the condition of hair loss. Sometimes, hair loss occurs suddenly. It happens because of medical reasons, hormonal changes, and changes in lifestyle. It is also possible that hair loss occurs gradually to make your scalp totally bald. This condition is genetic hair loss or male pattern baldness. 

When do you need proper hair loss treatment?

If you observe you are losing hair excessively, this is actually a warning sign. 

However, hair loss can be temporary but you cannot know the exact reason for hair loss without the help of a skilled hair loss doctor. Therefore, you certainly need to visit a hair loss clinic. 

Hair loss can be permanent as well. This condition is called genetic hair loss or male pattern baldness. 

Your doctor will treat you with the help of a hair transplant in Indore if you are a patient with male pattern baldness. 

While you visit the clinic, the surgeon is supposed to check your scalp to reach the root cause and nature of hair loss. 

Usually, the following causes are responsible for hair loss:


Many people lose their hair when they reach at the age of 40 to 50. Sometimes, the patients observe a clear pattern of hair loss as well in their scalp. This pattern affects the hairline at the first sign and later, it affects the temporal area along with the crown region. This type of hair loss is indeed male pattern baldness. 

Medical conditions:

Hair loss informs you about medical conditions that are present in your body. For example, dysfunctions of the thyroid gland may cause hair loss. Moreover, hair loss may take place due to autoimmune diseases, anemia, and nutritional deficiency as well. 


Illness is also responsible for hair loss. 

Hormonal changes:

Pregnant women lose a lot of hair after the birth of the baby due to hormonal changes. The same happens due to menopause. 


Some medications may cause hair loss. For example, medications for high blood pressure, arthritis, heart problems, birth control, and cancer. 


The level of stress hormones will fluctuate due to stress and the patient will face hair loss as a result. 

Poor diet:

Poor nutrition will also be a reason for hair loss. Therefore, you have to leave junk food to improve the health of your hair.

Genetic reasons:

When your genes are involved in the play to make your scalp bald, this condition is called permanent hair loss. 

Getting proper treatment 

You have to visit a hair loss clinic for better diagnosis and treatment. After full checkup of the scalp, your surgeon will determine the exact reason for hair loss. 

If you are facing permanent baldness, a hair transplant is the best treatment for you. Doctors use medications and treatments like PRP for the treatment of temporary hair loss as well. 

Visit the Marmm Klinik if you want to know about the hair transplant cost in IndoreOur clinic is ahead of others in providing affordable hair loss treatment.  

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