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Hair Rejuvanation And PRP Treatment

Hair Rejuvanation And PRP Treatment

Hair loss affects the health of your hair roots. As a result, your hair looks dull and lifeless when hair loss takes place in the scalp. Hair thinning is a common sign of hair loss. Therefore, hair loss patients look for a suitable hair loss treatment in Indore to rejuvenate thin and weak hair strands. 

Experts use PRP hair loss treatment to promote healing in different areas of the body. The same treatment is very effective in the case of hair loss. 

Hair loss can be of two types called permanent and temporary. Experts recommend PRP in the start of male pattern baldness or permanent baldness. Moreover, experts prefer PRP or platelet-rich plasma treatment for the temporary hair loss as well. 

What is PRP or platelet-rich plasma treatment?

The role of platelets is vital for healing in the body. When a person is wounded, the platelets respond instantly and stop the bleeding. Moreover, they promote healing in the area as well. 

Researchers found that concentrated platelets may promote healing if they could inject the concentrated platelets into the damaged area. 

Modern procedure of PRP treatment in Indore works on the same principle. 

What is the procedure?

The procedure of PRP includes the following steps:

When you visit the clinic for the treatment, the expert will draw blood with the help of a syringe from your arm. 

In the next step, the expert will place the blood sample into a centrifuge machine. The centrifuge will spin the blood sample quickly to separate the components of the blood sample. 

The machine will show three layers known as platelet-rich plasma, platelet poor plasma and red blood cells. The experts will collect Platelet-rich plasma in a syringe and inject it into the affected areas of the scalp. 

This process may take nearly 1 hour. You may need more than one session to get satisfactory results. 

Benefits of PRP 

According to experts, PRP contains growth factors. These growth factors promote hair re-growth in the affected areas of the scalp. Moreover, the growth factors will promote healing of tissues as well. Furthermore, you will see significant improvement in the condition of hair from the first session. 

PRP is a safe procedure and it uses the natural healing power of the body. Therefore, there is no chance of rejection or other side effects. 

If you want a non-surgical solution for hair loss, PRP can be an effective solution for you. 

Cautions before the treatment

Your experts will check your blood for proper functions since it is necessary to get proper results after the treatment. Keeping an eye on the platelet count is also essential. Moreover, you should maintain a good health condition during the treatment as well. 

Always choose a trained and qualified PRP expert because a fake clinic may bring negative results after the treatment. 

You may visit the Marmm Klinik for proper PRP hair loss treatment in Indore if you do not want to waste your time in the search of a valid and reliable hair loss clinic.

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