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Posted 03/04/2023 by Marmm Klinik

Hair Transplant And Techniques That Are Used To Perform This Surgery

Hair Transplant And Techniques That Are Used To Perform This Surgery

If you are facing genetic hair loss or male pattern baldness, hair transplant surgery can do miracles for you. A hair transplant in Indore is a high-grade hair loss treatment when the nature of hair loss is genetic. At the Marmm Klinik, we use world techniques to treat genetic baldness. 

These high-grade and effective hair transplant techniques are follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction. 

This article is about these two beneficial hair transplant techniques. If you are a good candidate, you may have either of these techniques. 

Follicular unit transplant

Experts call this technique the strip method as well since a strip of skin plays a vital role in this technique. During the surgery, a surgeon removes a thin layer of skin from the back of your scalp. In the next step, the surgeon will harvest individual hair grafts from the strip. After harvesting hair grafts, the surgeon inserts these grafts, into the bald scalp of the patient. 

Benefits of follicular unit transplant technique

FUT techniques provide the optimum time of recovery, lasting between 10 to 15 days. However, the recovery time depends on the condition of the patient’s scalp as well. For side effects like swelling after the surgery, surgeons prescribe suitable medicines. 

The FUT techniques thin marks of scars that a patient can easily hide with a suitable hairstyle. Results are very natural if you have chosen a qualified and experienced surgeon. 

The FUT technique ensures the optimum availability of health and baldness-resistant hair follicular units. Therefore, experts may cover a larger area with the strip method. 

Ideal candidates for strip technique

FUT is an ideal technique for those who are facing hair loss around the crown area. This technique may cover a larger area with natural results. Therefore, if you have no problem with linear scar marks and have significant balding on the crown, you may have this hair transplant technique. 

Follicular nit extraction

This technique does not remove a strip of skin from the donor region. During this technique, a hair transplant surgeon removes individual follicular units from the donor area directly. The surgeon removes hair grafts randomly from the donor region. Therefore, this technique leaves less noticeable scars. 

Benefits of FUE hair transplant technique

During this technique, the hair clinic in Indore is supposed to remove hair follicular units randomly from the donor area. Therefore, you have no risks of linear scar marks after the surgery. 

This technique leaves very small wounds in the scalp that heal at a faster rate after the surgery. Moreover, scar marks are hardly visible due to their small size. 

This technique yields totally natural results after the surgery. However, the quality of results depends on the candidacy of the patient and the skills of the surgeon as well. 

Candidacy for the FUE method 

If you are facing baldness at the top or front of the scalp, you may have this technique to cover your bald area. Moreover, you can restore your hairline with the help of this technique. 

Cost of hair transplant techniques

You have no need to worry about hair transplant cost in Indore if you visit the Marmm Klinik. We will diagnose your problem and provide suitable treatment to you at a reasonable cost. 


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