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Hairstyles for long faces

Hairstyles for long faces

So basically, long or rectangular face shapes are usually characterized by features that are longer than they are wide. I can tell they’re often accompanied by stronger, more angular jawlines, though this isn’t always the case. 

The best thing is to draw your eyes up, which means avoiding one length haircuts that go past the chin and have no layering around the face, which can actually emphasize longer features, dragging the face down. Of course, there are certain tricks in hairstyles for long faces https://lovehairstyles.com/hairstyles-for-long-faces/ like strategic layers, intentional volume and some types of bangs that can help balance out your features if you prefer to keep your hair on the longer side. 

Believe me, long hair can look absolutely amazing on mentioned face shape. The key here is to snip some well-placed layers throughout and maintain great texture and volume, as opposed to leaving your strands stick straight, which can draw your eyes down and make your face look even longer.

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