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Harden in transitionEveryone is aware

Gorgeous golf style and a retro-style personality, the 22-year-old Morant has the potential for a bright future.Tyrese Maxi: 84 OVR (+3)After Harden joined the 76ers Many believed that Maxie was going to have less ball distribution and have less important roles, however, after a few games, everyone realized that the mistake, Maxey is becoming the third-leading player on the team. Over the past few games, Maxey has averaged 26.8 points, 4.3 rebounds, and 3.3 assists, while shoots 64.9 percent from the field and 70.0 percent in the 3-point range.For additional NBA 2K information, pl.For additional NBA and 2K news, keep checking to NBA2king.com.

In the recently concluded game against the Heat with the 76ers the 76ers beat the Heat with a score of 116:108. The score was rewritten to 2:2. Harden changed his idle state and scored insanely during the game's final minute. Seven rebounds, 31 points, and nine assists, like he was returning to the condition of the Rockets that season. This marks the 2nd time he has scored at least 30 points since January 26 last year.Why Harden exploded in the game? Some people may be happy that Harden is back to where He was in the past however please remember his role in the game. Embiid was present at the time, and most of the Heat's defensive funds were allocated to Embiid, which gave Harden plenty of strength. The ability to be a dominant player, that he could not take advantage of as a player on his own.

Harden's ability to break out during this game is inextricably linked to his referee's penalty system and the feeling of a three-pointer. If the judge's penalty threshold is in the favor of Harden, he can take this opportunity to inflict a multitude of fouls and get free throws. Coupled with the hot 3-pointer Harden could score high scores.

Harden in transitionEveryone is aware that James Harden is a good player, however since leaving the Rockets the state of his career has declined slowly, up to when he joined the 76ers. The majority of the time, Harden is more of an organization. He was however unable to make a stand and make the difference for the team in a critical moment, and he was criticized by fans as well as the media quite a bit. According to Harden's personal opinion the process is one that should be witnessed during the transformation. Harden has given up using the ball to help win the championship and has accepted the role as a link between the team's offense. When the team utilizes Harden as their tactical core Harden's possession is 35%. However, in the 76ers, the heart of the team is Embiid.At when the Nets were in the Nets the strategic core to the team consisted of Durant And Irving.

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