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Healthy Practices for Seniors

Healthy Practices for Seniors

With so many modern advances in medicine and more people embracing a healthier lifestyle, the senior population is growing at an exponential rate. According to the Administration on Aging, 12.9% of the population, which is approximately 39.6 million, represents persons aged 65 and above (2009 Data). It is estimated that by 2030, that number will increase to 19% of the population, which is around 72 million people.

While medical advances play a discerning factor in the soaring number of seniors, living an active and healthy lifestyle is the most vital reason as to why people are growing older. In order to belong to this increasing sector, these are a few healthy practices that your loved one can adopt:

Keep Yourself Active. Doctors would probably only recommend one thing for their older patients, and that’s to stay active. It’s incredibly true as being active not only is beneficial for the heart, but also allows us to produce more endorphins, which improves our mood and maintains a sharp memory. Even though it’s challenging for your loved one to get moving, one thing that seems to be true is that people who are active most of their lives are more inclined to stay active. Independent living communities generally provide fitness classes and exercise equipment to provide residents with the amenities to be active. They also plan frequent outings to malls in the area so that elderlies can walk around as part of their daily exercise routine.

Check on Blood Pressure Checks. This is incredibly convenient to do while waiting for your prescriptions to be filled or simply gathering some products at CVS, Walmart, Walgreens or any other drugstore that offers blood pressure checkers. Just take a few minutes to settle down and receive a complimentary blood pressure check. Bear in mind to check on any upticks or decrease so you can alert a physician when it becomes a concern.

Practice Mental Sharpness. There are several ways to practice mental sharpness, particularly when living in an independent living community. Games such as Bridge and other card games are an excellent method as it requires players to strategize their next move. At independent living communities like The Welstone, poker games and bridge groups occur along with therapy sessions to efficiently improve memory and focus.

Prevent Rather Than Treat. You know what they say, prevention is always better than cure. Up to this point, a considerable factor in healthcare is about preventing rather than treating. While it can be futile for the older generation to avoid health issues at their age, they can still prevent other problems from arising. The best method to prevent this is by being careful with what we consume and regularly moving about. It’s also crucial to take advantage of complimentary health screenings and vaccinations for illnesses such as shingles and pneumonia. What’s more, colon cancer is a common health issue among elderlies, so it’s important to undergo screening once in a while.

Maintain a Healthy Diet. It’s no secret that nutrition is incredibly essential. What we consume is the source of a lot of health problems. Maintaining a healthy diet is the main objective for many independent living communities such as us. We recruit trained chefs who have experience working with registered dieticians and nutritionists to ensure that the meals prepared are healthy and our residents receive the utmost nutritional benefit.

Socialize with Others. It has been scientifically proven that a way to improve our mental health and enjoy our time is by joining the company of others. Independent living provides many ways for residents to connect with others, be it during planned activities, dining time, or simply resting in common areas.

Reduce Stresses in Life. As your loved one ages, day-to-day tasks and responsibilities become increasingly stressful. One way to alleviate this pressure is by considering moving to a senior living community. Handling monthly expenses such as housing payments and maintenance fees may result in unnecessary stress. Therefore, to allow your loved one to be healthier and happier, moving to an independent living community can take the burden off their shoulders and enrich their lives in the long run.

Healthy Equals Happy

It’s no secret that the secret to being healthy is to be happy. While the older generation can be conservative in their lifestyle, adopting these few healthy practices can enable them to strive for optimal health, which means living longer and more fulfilling lives.

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