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Here's Why You Should Buy A Carbon Sup Paddle For Your Paddleboarding Trips

Here's Why You Should Buy A Carbon Sup Paddle For Your Paddleboarding Trips

Stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) offer a fun way to enjoy thrilling water sports. A high-quality board is a must-have to enjoy the intoxicating feeling of paddleboarding on water. But no matter how good your board is, it cannot give you the best experience unless accompanied by a powerful paddle. There are many types of paddles available on the market. Many beginners start with a low-cost aluminium paddle. Others may opt for a fibreglass paddle. However, experts suggest choosing carbon SUP paddles to make the most of your paddleboarding expeditions. These top-notch paddles can be an excellent investment for anyone serious about their SUP activities. Wondering why? Let’s break down the reasons to choose a carbon fibre SUP paddle!


  1. Lightweight Body: Carbon paddles typically weigh the least out of all paddle types. A carbon paddle is easy to carry and manoeuvre, ensuring a seamless paddleboarding experience. On average, fibreglass paddles weigh 30% more than carbon paddles. A carbon paddle's lightness ensures that the paddleboarder experiences minimal fatigue after spending a lot of time paddling on the water. Moreover, the lightweight body of a carbon fibre SUP paddle makes it a travel-friendly choice. You can easily pack your carbon paddle and carry it wherever you go.
  2. Strength and Stiffness: Carbon has a high tensile strength, making a carbon paddle more rigid than its fibreglass or aluminium alternatives. Carbon fibre's tensile strength can be as high as 500 KSI, while fibreglass has a much lower tensile strength. Carbon fibre is also nearly four times as strong as aluminium. This powerful material makes it easy for you to propel the paddle and move faster.
  3. Excellent Thermodynamic Properties: Carbon fibre has a neutral rate of thermal expansion. This material does not expand or contract when it is exposed to temperature fluctuations. As a result, it is unlikely to break when it comes into contact with hot or cold water strips when you are out paddleboarding. In contrast, a fibreglass paddle can shatter when exposed to extreme temperatures. A carbon fibre paddle ensures durability and stability for a long time due to its thermodynamic properties.
  4. Durability: Carbon fibre is a high-quality material with anti-corrosion characteristics. Carbon fibre paddles work well in harsh environments as this material remains chemically stable in a variety of settings. The tightly bonded composition of carbon fibre also ensures that the material resists breakages even in the most strenuous conditions.
  5. Sleek and Attractive Look: Innovators started using carbon fibre to design paddles because this material is lightweight and stiff. However, the lustrous and appealing look of carbon fibre is a bonus feature for SUP enthusiasts. Its rich and dark appearance makes it the perfect material for designing sleek activity gear. Carbon fibre paddles look smart and attractive, making them the perfect additions to your paddleboarding kit!


If you want to buy a carbon SUP paddle in the UK, check out this high-quality range of eco-friendly paddles today. You can invest in a well-constructed carbon paddle to last you a lifetime and help you make the most of your SUP trips!




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