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Posted 10/27/2022 by DentalSave

Hiring and Training Staff for your Dental Practice

Hiring and Training Staff for your Dental Practice

When setting up a new dental practice, it is extremely important to hire the right staff and train them to provide the level of care your patients expect. It is not only dentists you need, but also office managers, hygienists and receptionists to support your business. All these staff need training to help them perform at their best. Here are a few tips for hiring and training staff to reduce turnover and increase patient satisfaction. 

Which staff positions do you need to fill?

In addition to a team of highly qualified dentists and hygienists, you also need administrative staff to keep your dental practice running on a daily basis. Most dental practices benefit from hiring an office manager, who can manage the day-to-day operations of the practice. This allows dentists to focus on patient care. You will also need a receptionist to speak to patients, schedule appointments and answer patient questions.

The Hiring Process for a Dental Practice

Getting good employees for your dental practice isn’t simply a matter of luck; it all depends on your hiring process. The first step should be to define the characteristics that you need or want the person you hire to have. For example, if you need a pediatric dentist to join your team, you might be looking for someone with at least five years of experience of providing dental care to children. Consider more than just qualifications: are you looking for someone who is warm and friendly, or who can pay particularly close attention to detail?

Advertising for Staff

Once you have come up with a profile of your ideal job candidate, you need to write a job description and advertise the role. The job description should include the job title, a summary of the role and a list of the qualifications and skills required. Combine this with a job ad that introduces your dental practice and describes the job in a positive way that will entice suitably qualified candidates to apply.

Interviewing Candidates

Be sure to meet candidates in person, where possible, before you make the decision to hire someone. If a candidate is not able to attend an interview in person, try to organize a video interview so you can interact with the candidate and find out how good their communication skills are. If you are hiring a dentist, hygienist or receptionist, it is important to look for someone who is friendly, as the person you hire will be interacting with patients and representing your dental office to them. In the interview, ask a mixture of clinical and personal questions to get a rounded picture of each candidate.

Training Staff

No matter how qualified your new hires, they still need training to help them settle into their new roles. New members of your dental team may find it beneficial to shadow an experienced member of staff for a few days before they start dealing with patients on their own. Provide opportunities for dentists and hygienists to continue their education so your dental practice is always at the cutting edge. Have regular reviews so you can give feedback to your staff and find out whether they have any concerns. Ongoing training can help to reduce staff turnover and increase employee satisfaction.

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