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How a good website design can increase your engagement

The design of a website plays a crucial role in determining its user engagement. It is the first thing that the readers notice when they view your site. It would not be wrong to say that whether they go ahead and explore it further or choose to move to the next option depends largely on the website's design. No wonder, business owners spend a substantial amount of money on web designing. Top web designing companies in Gurgaon use the latest tools and techniques to incorporate the ongoing design trends. What are these trends and how exactly do they help increase user engagement? How to know if it is time to redesign your website? Let's find out!

The Impact of Website Design on User Engagement

The various design elements of your website impact its loading speed, appearance and the overall experience it offers to the visitors. A design which does not support good browsing speed can lower user engagement and increase the bounce rate. Likewise, a design which is not interesting enough can drive away visitors. If the design elements are too basic or outdated then too the engagement rate stays low. On the other hand, if the latest web design elements are incorporated then you can see high user engagement.

Tips to Increase User Engagement 

Here is a look at the latest website elements that can help increase user engagement:

Interactive Infographics and Animations - Interactive content is important to generate user interest, engage them and keep them coming back for more. Among other things, interactive infographics are a great addition to your site. They have been prevalent for a long time and their popularity is growing by the day as they have proved to be instrumental in engaging readers. Similarly, interactive animations are also grabbing interest. Top web designing companies in Faridabad are leveraging these elements more than ever. 

Overlapping Text - This element blurs the line between the graphics, layout and written text. It is used to highlight important information on a page and accentuate its overall appearance simultaneously. 

High Quality Graphics - High quality graphics have the ability to grip the users' attention and prompt them to look further. Thus, it is recommended to incorporate vibrant and attractive graphics that are high in quality.

Polls and Surveys - Adding polls, surveys and quizzes is a great way to boost user engagement. Readers love engaging in such quick interactions with brands. It is suggested to show the correct answers to the questions asked in the quizzes as soon as the users answer them. Likewise, it is a good idea to show the poll results as soon as the user chooses his answer. This makes these interactions more interesting and prompts the users to continue further.

Virtual Product Testing - Many consumers prefer trying products before purchasing them. Adding product testing features on your e-commerce portal can increase your engagement rate drastically. The trend is thus catching up. If you haven’t incorporated it yet then it is time you try it out. It can also be helpful in increasing your sales. 

Calculators - How about adding a calculator to allow consumers to calculate different things relevant to your industry? For instance, if you are in the travel and tourism business then adding a calculator to calculate distance between two places is a great idea. Similarly, if you cater to the real estate industry then you may add a calculator to calculate stamp duty and registration charges for different properties in various states.

Micro Interactions - While browsing certain websites, you may have noticed the colour of some of the links changing as you bring the cursor on them. This is an example of micro-interaction. It is a subtle way to generate interest and prompt the users to view the information further.

Do Not Compromise on the Page Load Speed

The use of interesting infographics, high quality images and elaborate layouts can help in increasing user engagement. However, adding too many of these elements on your web page can lower the speed and ruin the browsing experience. No one likes to wait too long for the web pages to load, especially when there are so many other options waiting for you. The use of the aforementioned elements is recommended however it is important to use them in moderation. It is recommended to seek assistance from a good SEO company in Faridabad to use them effectively.

Is it time to Redesign Your Website?

Wondering whether you should redesign your website or continue with the old one? The following questions should help  you introspect. Take a look and decide!

Low on Security?

Security of data is of utmost importance. If your website is built on an outdated content management system then your data is likely to be at risk. You must consider redesigning your website immediately using an advanced platform which is high on security. This is necessary to avoid cyber attacks.

Boring Design?

If your website’s design is dull and boring then you may be driving away traffic. It may also be hampering your search engine ranking. This is a reason enough to redesign your site. 

Not Responsive?

It is important to have a responsive design if you want to get good Google ranking and cater to a wider audience. A responsive website offers a seamless viewing experience across devices.With the growing number of mobile users, it has become necessary to go for responsive web design.   

Not Satisfied with the Result?

Websites are created with the intent to boost business visibility and aid in its growth. If you don’t see your website contributing towards the same then it may be time to redesign it.

Planning to Expand?

If you are planning to expand your business and your site’s older design doesn’t seem to resonate with your expansion plans then again it is time to change it.


We are sure by now you have a clear idea about how your website design can impact its user engagement. It is recommended to use interactive and attractive content to grab user attention and hold it. The aforementioned points should help you in this direction. Do let us know if you require more information on the same.

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