How Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers Can Help You: What To Know Before You Go! - Article By Victory Travel Cruise Lawyers
Posted 08/02/2022 by Victory Travel Cruise Lawyers

How Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers Can Help You: What To Know Before You Go!

How Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers Can Help You: What To Know Before You Go!

When it comes to taking a cruise holiday, there are so many things to plan.  Which ship do I want to go on? What ports do I want to see? What cabin type suits me best? Is it worth getting a drinks package? What shore excursions will I go on? And of course the biggest question of all – what will I pack??

The last thing on any passenger’s mind when planning a cruise is what should I do if I get injured? That’s where Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers can help.

Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers want you to have a fun, relaxing and memorable cruise.  We don’t want you to get injured.  We have represented too many injured cruise passengers over the years to truly understand the disappointment that comes when you can’t fully enjoy that well deserved cruise that you have been waiting for.  However, unfortunately accidents do happen.  So, if an accident happens to you, we want you to know what to do to protect your rights. 

Over our years of experience of working as Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers, we have put together a helpful checklist so you know what to do if you are injured on a cruise.   Here are our top tips:

  1. Go to the ship’s medical centre


Your health is the priority, so ensure that you see the onboard doctor or nurse for treatment if you are injured in an accident.


Even if you think that your injuries are only minor at first, that initial niggle might get worse.   A medical professional can advise you if it is best to rest, ice, compress and elevate after an injury.   They will also be able to order scans and provide pain relief if necessary. 


As well as being important for your health, a visit to the ship’s medical centre also provides evidence that you were injured in an accident if you later bring a claim. With your permission, cruise ship accident lawyers can access your onboard medical records to establish a connection between the accident and your injuries.


Remember that you should expect to pay for the onboard medical treatment, even if you allege that the injuries were caused by the fault of the cruise line.  If you have travel insurance, you can claim the cost back (subject to any excess).  Otherwise, cruise ship accident lawyers can add the cost of the treatment to your claim.


  1. Describe how your accident occurred in detail


Your first description of how your accident occurred is important because it is fresh in your memory.  Inform the ship’s crew about all of the details that you can remember.  For example, if you tripped on something, how high was it? If you slipped on something, what size and colour was it? 


These details might not seem relevant at the time, but if you later decide to bring a claim, they could be just what your cruise ship accident lawyer needs to win your case.


  1. Report the accident to guest services and ask for an investigation


Reporting your accident to the ship’s medical centre in some instances automatically triggers an investigation.  If not, go to the guest services desk to report the accident and ask for an investigation.


Ship’s security personnel are usually then tasked with investigating the accident.  Take them to where the accident occurred and recount all of the details that you can remember.  The report that you give the security officer will be given considerable weight because it will be fresh in your memory.  The report will therefore become useful evidence for cruise ship accident lawyers if you later make a claim.


You will likely be asked to prepare a witness statement or incident report.  Write down all the details that you can remember, ensuring that it is factual rather than what you think ‘must have happened’.  Ask for a copy of the report, or take a photo of it before submitting it.


  1. Be a detective – gather evidence!

What makes cruise holidays so fun is that staff and passengers come from all over the world and the ships are constantly moving.    It provides a perfect moment when people come together to experience exciting locations.

Even the ships based in Australia are generally not here all year round.  Even when they are, they are only briefly in port before they turn around again.  This makes obtaining evidence about cruise accidents difficult. 

When it comes to witnesses, passengers return to their home states or countries, and crew are generally hard to contact as they are cruise employees and at sea.  It is therefore important that you ask for the names and contact details (preferably email address and mobile phone number) of any passengers and crew who witnessed the accident.

It is also important to take photographs of everything that is relevant – including where you had your accident, the weather, your shoes, and paperwork.  This makes cruise ship accident lawyers’ life much easier if you later decide to make a claim.

  1. Enjoy as much of your cruise as you can

We know that being injured wasn’t part of your holiday plans, but enjoy the rest of your cruise as much as possible.  This might mean adapting, but there might still be plenty of onboard experiences to enjoy.  If you can’t swim, perhaps have a massage in the spa instead.  If you need to keep your leg elevated, ask for priority seating in the theatre.

  1. When you get home, contact an expert cruise ship accident lawyer for advice

If you did not get the full experience of the cruise that you paid for, suffered pain or discomfort, lost wages or incurred expenses because of your accident, it is worth speaking to a cruise ship accident lawyer for advice when you get home.  They will be able to talk through your situation with you and assess whether you have a claim.

Cruise accident claims are complex.  We hope you do not need to call a lawyer after your cruise, but if you do, we recommend that you speak to a lawyer who is an expert in this area.

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