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Posted 02/06/2023 by Marmm Klinik

How Is A Hair Transplant Beneficial For Permanent Baldness?

How Is A Hair Transplant Beneficial For Permanent Baldness?

Hair loss is a serious scalp issue. Hair fall is usual on the scalp but you need to worry if you are losing a lot of hair every day. Hair loss is also a part of hair regrowth time. Sometimes, the hair growth cycle is disturbed due to certain reasons, such as seasonal effects, hair products, serious diseases, stress, improper diet, and genetic and hormonal reasons. 

These reasons may cause hair loss. Hair loss can be temporary or permanent. Genetic reasons are responsible for permanent baldness which is also called male pattern baldness. You need a skilled and best hair transplant surgeon in Indore to treat permanent baldness. 

What is pattern baldness?

You can be a victim of permanent baldness if the disease is coded in your genes. Since pattern baldness is a hereditary issue, several generations may face the same symptoms. 

Permanent baldness is called pattern baldness since it follows a certain pattern. In this pattern hair loss affects the hairlines in the initial stage. In advanced stages of baldness, the temporal region and crown area also shows signs of baldness. 

Due to the affects of permanent baldness, hair follicles shrink gradually, and finally, they stop to grow new hairs on the scalp. As a result, a large area of the scalp becomes totally bald. 

Since hair follicles never grow new hairs, this issue is called permanent baldness. 

Role of hair transplant in permanent baldness 

As an interesting fact, the back and both sides of the head grow baldness-resistant hairs. Permanent baldness does not affect this area of the scalp. 

Hair transplant surgeons use these hairs for hair transplant surgery. 

During the best hair transplant in Indorethe surgeon removes baldness-resistant hairs from the donor area and inserts them into the bald scalp. Since the transplanted hairs are baldness resistant, they grow in transplanted areas for a long time. 

Generally, hair transplant surgeons use two main techniques to perform hair transplant surgery: follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction. 

In the follicular unit transplant, the surgeon removes a strip of skin from the donor region and harvests hair follicles from this strip. In follicular unit extraction, the surgeon removes hair grafts directly from the donor area without removing a strip of skin. 

Advantages of hair transplant surgery 

A hair transplant is a permanent solution for permanent baldness. You would not need other treatments after the end of this surgery. 

Moreover, this treatment treats you with your own real hair. Wigs and other artificial treatments just hide your bald areas but hair transplant really covers your bald scalp with a natural look. 

After hair transplant surgery, you can look after your transplanted hair just like your real hair.  

Furthermore, hair transplant is an affordable treatment. you may have a reasonable hair transplant cost in Indore by visiting the Marmm Klinik. In this clinic, reliable doctors treat the scalp with ultra-effective treatments.  

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