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Posted 06/07/2023 by MageComp LLP

How to Add a Product Image on Shopify?

How to Add a Product Image on Shopify?

Welcome again, Shopify Amigos, ????

Today in this tutorial, we are going to learn how to add product images on Shopify.

Shopify product images play a vital role in helping customers confirm their buying decisions quickly. 

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Importance of Adding Product Image on Shopify

Images can easily grab customers’ attention than just text. Only 16% of your customers bother to read the text. This is why having high-resolution images on your Shopify store is very important.

For products, having product details and product images on Shopify store is equally important. Hence, adding product media to your Shopify stores will help your customers know the appearance of your product and convert easily.

Shopify allows you to add a maximum of 250 images. Also, Shopify automatically creates different product image sizes as per the different fields of your Shopify shop theme. For example, if any customer wants to view a zoomed-in image of your product, then Shopify will display a large product image on the product page.

So, let’s learn 

How to add product images on Shopify?

Step 1 – 

Go to Shopify Admin > Products.

How to Add a Product Image on Shopify

Step 2 – 

Select the Product name to which you want to add the image.

How to Add a Product Image on Shopify

Step 3 –

For instance, you have selected the Black Tie product. 

Now the product page will open in front of you, where the first field is for the product Title, the second for the product Description and the third for the product Media.

How to Add a Product Image on Shopify

Here in this field, you are provided two options for adding the product image via your desktop device or by adding the image URL.

Choose the Add option if you want to add the product media from your desktop library.

Choose Add from URL option if you want to add the product media directly from the URL itself.

“Reminder: You can follow these same steps for adding product media from any mobile device (iOS & Android).”

Closing Phrase

It was easy, wasn’t it? I am sure you did not have a clue at all about how this task can be.

So now that you have learned this easy-peasy task, you can do it on your own effortlessly. But before taking it further, you must know the requirements for Shopify product image sizes and then add product images on Shopify according to the requirements.

Hope this Shopify tutorial was helpful for you, but if you need any further help with any major Shopify customization, then contact a Shopify development agency, get all your queries answered and then hire a Shopify developer according to your needs.

Happy Shopifying! ????

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