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Posted 05/30/2023 by Amelia Grant

How to Carry Heavy Bags Safely

How to Carry Heavy Bags Safely

A shopping bag full of potatoes, cabbage, and other vegetables or a heavy suitcase can cause various back problems. However, doctors say avoiding the loads is even worse. Because of this, the muscles begin to weaken, and small weights can lead to damage to the spine. 


If you follow certain rules, you can move heavy things to the distances you need without endangering your back. But it is possible that the person is absolutely healthy and isn’t in recovery after surgery or back injury

Here are the rules: 

  • When lifting something heavy, bend your legs, not your back. It is performed like this: squat down, hold the object close to you and, keeping your back straight, get up. With a bent back, the stress on the intervertebral disc in the lumbar spine increases 20 times.

  • Keep the weight as close to you as possible. The closer the load's center of gravity is to the spine, the less effort is required to hold the back.

  • If you want to move a  heavy object along a flat surface, then it is better to push it than to pull it along.

  • If you need to lift the load above your head, use a ladder or a chair.

  • When carrying heavy loads, it is unacceptable to bend forward sharply or unbend back. Having lifted the load, avoid turning the body, especially its upper part, to protect your lumbar back.

  • A heavy bag, suitcase, or any heavy load is not recommended to be carried in one hand. This is especially true when traveling long distances. Stay active  - divide the weight so you can carry it in both hands.

  • Don't carry heavy bags on your shoulder. The best way out is a bag with wheels or a backpack.

  • And finally, the last thing – do not hesitate to ask someone for help when lifting heavy objects.

The Exercises to Help Your Back

It would seem that you can save your back from damage by refusing to lift weights. But, as already mentioned, the muscles begin to weaken.  The correct solution to the problem is to strengthen the muscles, and not just the back. It is important to train all the muscles, especially the abdominals, back muscles, hips, and pelvis. Strong thigh and arm muscles also help keep your spine healthy.

Why is it considered especially harmful to lift weights for women? Because women usually have about twice less muscle mass than men. This means that in striving for a healthy spine, you should, first of all, take care of a strong muscular corset.

Even with diseases of the spine, sports are not contraindicated. And for prevention, taking brisk walks, skiing, jogging, and cycling is even useful. The best sport for the spine is swimming. However,  bodybuilding can lead to severe complications of degenerative diseases of the spine.

These exercises, if done regularly, will help strengthen your back:

  • Lean your shoulder blades and lower back against the wall, placing your feet about 12 inches from it. Lower your arms vertically, palms facing back. Slide down the wall slowly until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold this position for a few seconds, then rise as slowly as possible without lifting your back from the wall.

  • Lying on the floor, press your lower back against it. Keep your legs in a bent position. Raise one of them so that the shin is parallel to the floor, and make slow circular movements with this foot. Ten seconds later, do the same with the other leg.

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