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How to design on-site experiences to bring employees to the workplace

How to design on-site experiences to bring employees to the workplace

Hybrid made everyone realize that working from home can be comfortable and rewarding. This was due to better work-life balance and improved productivity. But home couldn't always serve as an office. And employees started coming back to work. But remote work didn't disappear, we came out of the pandemic with a new way of working known as hybrid work, which was a blend of both in-office and remote.

Return to work can be a difficult thing to map out especially given how much workspace experiences have evolved after the pandemic. Designing a good on-site experience can make everything much more efficient and seamless. We have in this article laid down some things that will help you design the best on-site experience. 

1- An all-inclusve meeting 

This is a very good istarting point to bring everyone together. A meeting that involves everyone from all levels in one place will make it seem like a level playing field. Start with simple introductions and you can also ask questions such as what they miss about on-site experience and what they love about working remotely. 

This need not be an in-person meeting for everyone. You can even ask people working remotely to join and make it a true hybrid experience. A good thing to do is to make everyone play something or share a fun fact about them to lighten the mood.

This will act as a collective ice breaker for everyone at once. When everyone returns to work, there will be less awkwardness all around and more smiles. If your organization is a massive one, you can always start small and get individual teams to host these meetings.

2-  Digital journey 

Creating a digital journey might be your trump card. Use technology to make everything safe, digitized and efficient. Install a visitor management system with a QR code reader, facial recognition, and contactless temperature screening. This will ensure everyone coming to work is safe and they can enter the workplace in a matter of seconds. 

Use desk booking software that will help your hybrid workplace stay flexible. Give employees the ability to book a desk from anywhere for the day they are coming to work. Help them find their friends and see where teams are sitting.

These are just a few of the examples; a good exercise would be to do a thorough evaluation of the workplace and see what can you digitize and create an overall better workplace experience.

3-Social events

People tend to get to know each other better and form better bonds when they are having fun. Having social events at regular intervals will definitely play a huge role in bringing employees back to work and having better on-site experiences.

Social events such as happy hours help break the ice between different teams who don't usually interact a lot. Food brings people together so planning a lunch is also a good idea. There are a ton of online games available too that can be played from anywhere, which will let everyone participate.

Developing a new fun activity area in your office space will help people cool off at work. Include games that can be played indoors and maybe a movie screen as well. 

4- Make every experience safer

Last but definitely not least is to make everything safer. Asking for regular health declarations from employees before they come to the office is just one small step. Make sure your office space is planned to keep safety in mind, this can be done through the Veris rostering feature where the admin has the power to block or book seats for employees or entire teams. You can also use the request sanitization feature to make sure desks and meeting rooms are always sanitized.  

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