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Posted 02/04/2023 by National Facilities Direct

How to Enhance Communication in Facilities Management

Effective communication is critical in facilities management as it impacts not only facilities managers but also employees, customers, and ultimately revenue. To turn projects into streamlined triumphs, it's important to have effective and efficient communication between managers and strategic partners.

Documentation is a key element in ensuring effective communication. Listening, taking notes, and documenting information as much as possible will help prepare for leading the project, the team and the selected partners when they seek guidance.

Utilizing innovative technology can also help streamline communication. There are various facilities management technologies and communication tools available that can be integrated into the systems already in use. Examples of such tools include Service Channel, Tango, Corrigo, Asana, Verisae, and Fexa.

Enlisting a strategic partner, such as an integrated self-performing facilities management company, can help develop smoother systems of communication, streamline service, integrate teams, centralize goals, and lay the framework for efficient and quality relationships.


A McKinsey report showed that effective collaborative communications can increase productivity by up to 25%, making a big difference to the bottom line and having a positive impact on company culture and workplace happiness. National Facilities Direct (NFD) values communication and works directly with their facility manager customers to provide real-time, project tracking and information.

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