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How to Find Library Email Addresses

How to Find Library Email Addresses

For librarians who work in a particular area or region, lists of librarians on library email addresses are valuable resources. These contacts are the key decision-makers in libraries and are great for marketing purposes. These lists are updated monthly and based on USPS-approved address systems. They also include permission-passed email records.

While librarians may not seem like a high-profile group, their influence over what gets read is enormous. For publishers looking for a high-impact strategy, library email lists are a perfect solution. Not only do librarians know how to choose the right books and other materials, but they also have a great deal of influence over what gets published.

A large list of librarians on library email addresses is called MELIBS-L. This is a list for all types of libraries. Messages sent to this list are sent to everyone, which means that messages may be seen by thousands of people. Messages are approved by the list's moderator.

LISTENING LIST: Some library email lists are dedicated to specific topics. For example, the Australian Library and Information Association hosts several lists. There are also working groups within public libraries that share information and expertise. These groups are often active on social media. They also have lists for members.

Lists of librarians by country

If you're looking for librarians in a certain country, you may want to start by browsing a list of librarians by country. There are many databases on the internet that will help you find librarians in a country. One such database is LIBER's. LIBER's mission is to provide resources, training, and partnerships to research libraries across Europe. For more information, visit their website.

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