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How to Offer Health Coverage as a Small Business Owner

Many employees value health coverage more than anything. Small business owners have friendly relationships with their employees. If you want to offer health coverage within a budget, then it is possible. American Tri-Star offers the best health and auto insurance in Chula Vista. Here are a few ways to apply when offering health coverage as a small business.  

  1. Confirm Your Business Is Eligible

If you wish to offer health care using SHOP, it depends on the number of full-time employees. To receive a tax credit, the FTE employees in your company should be at least 25. You can use the SHOP (Small business health options program) even if you have up to 50 FTE employees. You must have a business address in the state you are buying coverage. If not, then check if one of your employees has a primary workplace within the state.

  1. Choose a Plan

There are four types of plans that you can choose in the SHOP marketplace. Every type of plan reflects a different ratio of healthcare costs and policies. All four types of plans cover the basic details such as doctor visits and medications. If you find any special extra benefits, states may differ.

  1. Consider Adding Dental Coverage

Besides health care costs, the SHOP marketplace offers dental services. You can provide dental plans to your employees on their own or tie-up with the health care plan. There are two types of dental services offered based on the amount of dental cost. You may also offer dental services without providing a health care plan.

  1. Decide How You'll Contribute

You may find many choices for a health care plan when dealing with the SHOP marketplace. It allows you to decide how much you can offer your FTE employees' premiums or dependent coverage. This may help you to set a fixed budget for your significant addition. You have to pay a fixed ratio of any kind of plan you choose for each employee. The amount and premiums will differ depending on the plan you choose.  

  1. Meet the Employee Participation Requirements

Every state in the US has different participation requirements. In many states, 70 percent of your employees have to enroll in your health care plan. If some of your employees already have insurance, then they don't enroll in your plan. You can use SHOP Rate Calculator online to check how many employees you need to enroll in your plan.

  1. Enroll in Your Plan

Submit your enrollment after you become eligible for employee participation requirements. Your employees' coverage may start from the 1st day of the month after you submit your plan. You can enroll by setting up an account on health care.Gov. Use this account to handle your monthly plans and premiums for every employee.

If you still need clarification about premiums and budgeting problems, then get in touch with us. American Tri-Star has years of experience helping business owners with health care coverage. We are an expert Chula Vista auto-insurance company that fulfills every promise.

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