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Posted 02/03/2023 by Homary Furniture

How to properly design a teenager's room?

How to properly design a teenager's room?

Your child has grown well and is beginning to assert his personality; he is now a teenager. It is the time of change, of the transition to the adult world, sometimes of disobedience and the growing need for autonomy. Added to this are morphological changes. Parents have to adapt. Just like her bedroom, which becomes her lair and a place of expression. Furnishing a new and functional teenager's room must take into consideration many factors. Comfort, functionality and design are gaining importance. Let's not forget that this is the place where he will spend the most time after college or high school. A place where he sleeps, works, daydreams, listens to music or shares a good time with his friends and girlfriends. So it's decided, we have to rethink the layout and furnishing of the room! Find tips and ideas to avoid making mistakes.

What bed for a teenager?

The choice of bed depends on the size of his child but also on the configuration of the room. Up to a certain age, the standard children's bed of 90 x 200 or 120 x 200 cm. These are single beds that are ideal for young teenagers. The good thing about these models is that they fit even in small spaces. In a large bedroom, on the other hand, and when the child wants a larger bed, it is possible to buy him an adult bed for 2 people. The size will depend on the dimensions of the room, but it is advisable to opt for 140 x 190, 140 x 200 or 160 x 200 cm. In a shared teen room, you have to find solutions. They can be the use of a bunk bed or a pull-out bed so that two teenagers can live together in the same room.

When there is a lack of space and you have to optimize the layout, it is best to turn to space-saving beds. It could be:

  • Combined bed: it is an all-in-one bed which offers a bedding at mid-height but which above all provides for several functional modules under the bed base. It seduces with its versatility by fulfilling the function of desk and storage unit.
  • Mezzanine bed: this is a high bed for teenagers. This is an advantage because it does not take up floor space.

The importance of bedding

Time flies at breakneck speed! The years go by and our little one is no longer the little child before. It has almost everything of a great. His morphological evolution then requires adaptations to ensure that he has a bedding adapted to his needs. This passes the choice of quality bedding.

The criteria to take into account:

According to mattress manufacturers and sleep experts, there is no single mattress that is specifically suited for teenagers. The way to be able to choose the right bedding is to refer to the physiognomy, preferences and way of sleeping of teenagers. Ideally, the teen mattress should tick these boxes:

✔️ Have the right firmness and the right thickness according to their weight as well as their size.
✔️ Be comfortable and adapt to the sleeping position
✔️ Be breathable and ventilate excessive perspiration during the night
✔️ Be antiallergic and antibacterial for good sleeping hygiene
✔️ Be of quality and guarantee long-lasting use

The ideal size of a teenage mattress

The classic size of a teenage mattress is 80/90 x 190 cm. These dimensions are suitable for a teenager of average build. However, if the room space allows, you can choose a larger model of 140 x 190 cm, or even 140 x 200 cm. When it comes to thickness, it is often said that the thicker the better. For a teenager, a thickness between 15 and 25 cm is a good choice. In any case, the mattress must of course be adapted to the bed and box spring.

What mattress material?

Several technologies exist on the bedding market and it is not always easy to find them. This technology is what is called the heart or soul of the mattress, the central part that makes a good part of the comfort. For a teenager, here are the recommended ones.

  • Foam mattress: it is a great classic and it adapts without worries to the morphology of children and teenagers. We take care of its density, which will determine the quality of the support and reception, but also the good resistance over time of its characteristics.
  • Pocket spring mattresses: these are springs that are individually wrapped in textile pockets. They are much more efficient than the old hourglass springs before. One of the best technologies out there because it provides balanced support.
  • Natural latex mattress: natural latex from the resin of the rubber tree. This type of mattress is healthy and provides good comfort properties.

Design a functional workspace

Achieving a work area in the teenager's room is essential. It is indeed here that he will spend a lot of time, as much to do homework as to play and have fun. Studying, drawing, playing on the computer… these activities fully contribute to your child's development, creativity and stimulation. It is therefore necessary to succeed in imagining an office space that the teenager will like to invest in, whether for studious moments or more recreational ones. In this sense, we try to clearly delimit this space from the rest of the room, as far as possible.

For the choice of furniture, the teen desk must be practical and have a top large enough for the child to put the computer and spread out all their belongings without constraints. It is best to choose a model that is equipped with storage in its lower part. The various storage units (doors, drawers or niches) will be used to store school notebooks and other supplies. Do not forget to put a small desk lamp so that the child can spend time there at any time of the day. Finally, this work corner must be comfortable to use. A good office chair on wheels and adjustable to different levels (height, backrest, armrests) will be a plus for the well-being of the child.

Organize the teen bedroom into several spaces

If the layout and size of the teenage room allows it, a good way to arrange the bedroom is to divide the spaces. Thus, the place to sleep, the corner to study and the relaxation area are intelligently separated so as to have a much more harmonious rendering in the bedroom. To achieve this, furniture can be used as a separation guide or the colors can be applied to the floors and walls to create a delimitation through decoration.Sometimes the bedroom is too small to have several places that each fulfill a function. In this case, we favor multifunctional furniture such as a combined bed that will also serve as a desk. Check for models at Homary! To continue the optimization of square meters, we will take care to opt for furniture that is not too imposing and to use hanging furniture to free up floor space.

Arrange a large dressing room

Order is not always what reigns in a child's or teenager's room. Often schoolbags, sports bags, balls, skateboards, musical instruments and clothes tend to wander all over the room. We often try to solve this with storage furniture like the chest of drawers or the bookcase. But most of the time, that's not enough. Betting on a large wardrobe is then a great help in keeping clutter away. The advantage of a well-appointed dressing room is that it will accommodate your daughter's or boy's entire wardrobe. The wardrobe space holds shirts and long clothes on hangers, while the shelves hold folded clothes, as well as games and accessories.

What colors in a teenager's room?

In a teenager's room, a large color palette can be considered. It is according to the decorative style that one wishes to set up in this room. The best is to involve your teenager and let him choose or accompany him in the decoration and the covering of the walls. Pastel tones will be particularly appreciated by young girls who want a dreamy and romantic atmosphere. White is a timeless color that limits faults in taste and has the ability to enlarge a living space. Blue is also very popular and comes in many shades, from light to dark.

The choice is therefore mainly aesthetic. However, attention can be paid to the meaning of the colors. For example, green is the color of hope but also a hue reminiscent of nature. It is refreshing and has the ability to bring calm into a universe, which is why it is particularly suitable for use in adults' and children's bedrooms.

Finally, let's not neglect the importance of colors and their influence on emotions and sleep. Indeed, it is advisable to banish some colors which can have negative effects on the quality of sleep of the child. Some tend to excite the mind rather than seek calm and tranquility. This is particularly the case for the following colours:

  • Rouge
  • Bright yellow
  • Orange
  • Violet
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