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How to Repair Punctured or Leaking Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

How to Repair Punctured or Leaking Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Just like you learn how to change a flat tire, your inflatable paddle board deserves the same owner. A piece of initial advice – check your boards at least a few days before heading out for your trip. Any leaks or punctures should be repaired at least 24 hours before your trip.


Repairing inflatable stand up paddle boards

Inflatable stand up paddle boards can be susceptible to punctures and leaks over time and use. We’ll take you through a few quick steps on how to repair a puncture or leak!


Step 1: Identify the puncture or leak

A common way to identify the puncture or leak is to inflate the board and listen for any hissing sounds. You could also submerge the board in the water and look for air bubbles and from where they are flowing.


Step 2: Clean and dry the area

Once you've identified the puncture or leak, you'll need to clean and dry the area. Use a clean cloth and some rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt or debris around the damaged area. 


Step 3: Apply a patch to seal the punctured area

You can use either of the two types of patches: Adhesive Patch and Heat-Applied Patch. Adhesive patches are easier to use and are found at most sports stores or online. Heat-applied patches offer a permanent solution but require more time and effort to apply. 


Step 4: Test the repair

After 24 hours have passed and the patch is fixed well in place, inflate the board and check the patch for any signs of leaking. If the patch is holding, the repair is fixed! If not, you may need to repeat the patching process or consider using a heat-applied patch for a more permanent solution.


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