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How to Select the Right Paddle for SUP boarding

How to Select the Right Paddle for SUP boarding

When it comes to water sports, SUP boarding must be one of the most popular activities being explored right now. Getting yourself a stand-up paddle board is a perfect idea if you're interested in the same.  


However, you'll also need to get yourself SUP PaddlesBuying the right kind of paddles can change your experience while indulging in the sport of paddle boarding. Hence, here are the key features you must remember while buying a paddle for boarding. 


The Types of Paddles and Why They Matter?

Paddles are available in three configurations, 3-piece, 2-piece and 1-piece. The major difference between these paddles is flexibility and convenience. Let's break it down according to each configuration. 

  • Three-Piece Paddles - Three-piece paddles are the most flexible paddle types available. They fit the needs of casual surfing perfectly. Three-piece paddles are made using three assemblable shaft pieces, with one piece having the paddle head. Hence, you can switch configurations as and when you like. They are also convenient when it comes to being carried around. 
  • Two-Piece Paddles - Two-piece paddles are multi-purpose and suit a range of environments. Whether you're paddle boarding in whitewater or a challenging environment, they can do the job well. However, there are better fits for challenging environments due to such high versatility. 
  • One-Piece Paddles - These paddles are dedicated to giving you a refined experience. One-piece paddles are stiffer than the previous two choices and make for the perfect paddles for surfing. Hence, they give you a premium paddle boarding experience. 

Now that the configurations are clear let's look at the features you need.


Features of the Best Paddles

Paddles have two parts, the head and the shaft. Each of these parts must be high in terms of quality to give you a refined and safe paddle boarding experience:

  • The Blade - A good paddle blade will use a wood core. FSC Balsa makes one of the strongest paddle cores out there. The second element will be a fully protective ABS rail, and the middle portion that takes the brute force of water must be made from high-quality resin. Further, the best paddle manufacturers also use a carbon reinforcement sleeve at the paddle's neck, where it connects to the shaft for better protection. 
  • Paddle Shaft - The paddle shaft is the area which you'll hold to use the paddle. Hence, it must be made of carbon glass or fibre to ensure durability and strength. Carbon fibre is a lightweight material that reduces the paddle's weight by a few extra ounces to enhance rowing efficiency. Finally, you must find ones with anti-twist technology for three and two-piece paddles. 


Apart from these two parts and their specifications, buying a paddle comes with a few additional considerations:

  • Price - The price of the paddle depends on the type. One-piece paddles cost more as compared to three-piece ones. 
  • Usage - Different paddles are suited to different usage styles, as we've mentioned before. Hence, to choose the right one, you must consider whether you want to take paddle boarding up as a recreation or a hardcore sport. 


Hence, now you know what to look for while buying the perfect SUP Paddles for your new hobby! 

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