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How to send large files over the internet?

Anyone who works with digital or multimedia content is likely to have encountered the need to share big files online. However, the email and social networks that we usually use are usually not enough to share this type of content. It is impossible to plant a teleworking program in these times that does not even include some form of sending documents. In this post, we show you the best resources to send big files online over the internet.

Tools to transfer large files online

1. WeTransfer:

The web is full of pages through which we can send large files. These are easy-to-use tools that allow us to share our content online without having to download anything to our devices. WeTransfer offers us to send up to 2 Gbytes and is the best known, however, there are many others. We bring you the most complete.

2. Smash:

This solution is especially suitable for photographers or professionals who work with high-quality images. Its service stands out because thanks to it we can free transfer big files online with no size limit. The preview of the contents and the password protection of our account are other interesting advantages of Smash. A free version allows us to enjoy all of them for 14 days. If we want to access it for a full year, you need to pay to get further advanced service.

3. Sendbig:

Sendbig helps us to share up to 4 Gbytes of data with 15 people at the same time. Its operation is very fast and simple since we can send our files without registering. In addition, it is a highly secure service, since it automatically encrypts the data, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the information we upload until the recipient obtains it. If we have a paid version, we can store a maximum of 100 Gbytes and send links with files that weigh up to 2 Gbytes.

4. Terashare: 

This tool is also the best system for the online transfer big files. Terashare is one of the most powerful tools for sending large files over the internet. We recommend it especially if you have a certain mastery of content management on the network. Its operation is based on a P2P system combined with cloud storage so that we can send unlimited files. If our content weighs less than 10 Gbytes, the use is similar to other solutions such as WeTransfer, but if the size is greater, the sending is done in a similar way to that of a torrent file.

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