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Posted 10/21/2020

How To Teach Someone Else To Ride A Two-wheeler?

How To Teach Someone Else To Ride A Two-wheeler?

The best way to share the joy of motorcycling is to teach someone how to ride it themselves. So, if you are planning to teach someone how to ride a two-wheeler, either to somebody in your family or a close friend, you want to do it in the best way possible which will not just give the person every important information to stay safe on the road, but also enjoy their time riding the bike. With that in mind, here are a few basic pointers that you need to keep in mind while teaching someone how to ride a bike. 


Give them a taste of what’s to come 

Always start by giving them a taste of what's to come. The simplest way of doing that is to take the person on a ride and allow them to sit in front while you steer the bike by sitting directly behind the person. Obviously, for this you have to be comfortable with the person first so make sure that you are not uncomfortable because you need to keep complete control of the bike while the person in front is just getting an experience of riding the vehicle. This does two things, first it gives them an opportunity to enjoy the thrill of riding a two-wheeler and second it lets them see how you are controlling the machine. Ask the learner to observe and learn.  


Start with the basics 

Don't go too deep into the complications of riding a motorcycle at the very beginning because that will simply scare the person and make them feel that there is too much to learn and very little to enjoy! Take 10 to 15 minutes to explain the basic controls of the bike. If it is a motorcycle explain how the gears change and how to change it by pulling in the clutch and showing how the gears shift from up to down, and if it is a scooter with no gears, teach them how to rotate the accelerator and explain which lever controls which wheel for braking. Even if the internet purpose is to ride a huge touring motorcycle, never make the mistake of learning on it first because there are a lot of things you know and control in a big motorcycle which can become too much for the learner to grasp, and they can become easily demotivated. Complicated topics such as counter-steering and trail-braking are topics that the person has to learn over a period of time, ideally after the first few months of mastering the basics.  


Don’t hide the risks 

You will do a big disservice to the rider by hiding the risks of riding a motorcycle.  In fact, this is one of the primary reasons why motorcyclists and two-wheeler riders get into trouble. They are never completely aware of the risks when they start off on the journey of becoming a two-wheeler rider and that gives them a false sense of overconfidence regarding what they can do on the motorcycle. Under actual road conditions they end up making mistakes, which would have been completely avoided had they learned about the risks at the very beginning. Take some time to explain the concepts of target fixation, torque steering and the effect of wind on the stability of the motorcycle so that they are aware of such things at the very beginning. 


Focus on safety first 

Never allow the learner to get on the motorcycle without wearing a helmet and other driving safety gears first. This is the right moment to teach the importance of wearing a motorcycle helmet at all times irrespective of how far they are riding or what they are riding because without the right safety gear they will either end up being stopped by the policeman and ‘challaned’ (fined) for not wearing a motorcycle helmet or worse, they can get into an accident and injure themselves gravely. You don’t want to be morally responsible for missing the opportunity to teach the significance of staying safe on the roads.  


Don’t push, let them make the choice 

Some people get on a motorcycle and immediately love the experience, unfortunately many don't! If the person does not like the experience of being an unstable two-wheeled machine do not force them to make the transition if they are not completely mentally prepared to do it themselves. 

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