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I contracted this little Marquis.

When they got to the Spring Moon Building, they heard that someone from the government was coming. Mother Sun hurried out to greet them. "Oh, Captain Cheng, Captain Lu, why are you here in broad daylight? The girls are still sleeping." "We came here to investigate the case," said Cheng Dong with a serious face. Mother Sun looked startled: "Investigate the case?"? What case? "Do you know Liu Shaowen?" Lu Jianing asked. Sun's mother nodded with a smile on her face. "I know, I know. Mr. Liu is a frequent visitor here." Lu Jianing's eyes were light: "Mr. Liu is now in the Yamen. He is involved in the matter of human traffickers. He asked us to find Mother Sun of Chunyuelou by name and say that you know who is behind the scenes." Mother Sun broke down with a smile and said, "Captain Lu, you can't talk nonsense. There are all poor girls in our building. Sometimes they are sent by their parents, and sometimes human traffickers come over. We look at them pitifully and take them in." "Take in one or two?" Lu Jianing raised his eyebrows. "What if the girl was abducted?" Mother Sun laughed. In fact, these are unwritten rules, people's teeth in the big Qi is not uncommon, there are always some willing to be sold. These people are sold to work, do servant girls, of course, there are also into the brothel. It's just that human trafficking is a felony. Mother Sun pretended to cry and said, "Sir,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, this man has brought those girls here. How can we know if they were abducted?" Mother Sun is also a smooth one. Suddenly, a thin little girl, about 12 or 13 years old, rushed down from the top of the building and bit Sun's mother hard on her hand. Sun's mother was in pain: "Ah!"! You crazy girl! "My Lord, don't listen to her nonsense. I was abducted. My parents came over and said they wanted to report it to the official, but they were beaten out by Sun's mother." The little girl was red-eyed with anger. Only then did Sun's mother feel guilty: "I am also.." Lu Jianing smiled at her and said in a good voice, "Mother Sun has thought about it and said that asking here is asking,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, and asking in prison is asking." Cheng Dong's face is stiff: "You can't toast without eating." "No, no!" Sun's mother hurriedly laughed and said, "There are some contacts with people in the building. That's what happened recently. It's the Xie Ye from the capital who pulled the strings." "But Xie Que?" Cheng Dong asked. Mother Sun nodded hurriedly. Cheng Dong's face was serious. "All right, let's go with our Yamen. The county magistrate wants to ask Wen some questions." "Huh?"? Do you want to go to the Yamen? Mother Sun stared, and at the mention of going to the Yamen, she panicked again. Lu Jianing smiled and said, "What do you think?" At the Yamen, Mother Sun said this to Fu Shuyuan again. The onlookers outside were angry. The Spring Moon Building was full of guests, and they did not know how many innocent girls had been harmed. Xie Que listened to Sun's mother's accusation and smiled inexplicably: "Do you regard the county magistrate as a fool?" Mother Sun bowed her head and kept silent. Xie Que shook his head and continued, "I just spent a lot of money in Chunyue Building a few days ago. How much money can I make by abducting and selling a few girls?"? Do you think everyone is a fool? "Even if you want to find a cushion, you should weigh it in your heart." Xie Que Liangliang tunnel. The people outside heard a little way, and felt that what the young man who looked like Zhilan Yushu said was particularly reasonable. People are not short of ten thousand taels of silver, Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle ,glass cream jars, but also lack of money for these girls, is it worth it? So they began to accuse Chunyuelou of eating people and not spitting bones. Mother Sun shook and secretly looked at Liu Shaowen's face. Mother Sun gritted her teeth and said, "Grandpa, the younger one has evidence. Every time he trades, Master Xie's entourage will follow him. If you don't believe me, you can call him to ask." Fu Shuyuan frowned and asked, "Which attendant?" "His surname is He Tai!" Xie Que's face suddenly sank. Not long after, He Tai was brought in. When asked about the abduction of people to the Spring Moon Building, He Tai bowed his head and knelt on the ground. He said in a deep voice, "The county magistrate will spare my life." The whole audience was in an uproar. Close to the entourage all said so, is it difficult for Liu Shaowen to say is true? Fu Shuyuan slowly turned to Xie Que and asked, "Xie Que, do you have anything to say?" "No," said Xie Que lazily. ” "In that case," said Fu Shuyuan, "we'll take him back to prison, confiscate all the family property according to the law of the Great Qi, and exile him after autumn." Xie Que's expression did not change, and he was pressed down by two jailers. Cheng Dong tutted aside: "It's the first time I've seen such a cooperative prisoner, and he's a very rich man." Lu Jianing gave him a white look. By rights, she should be happy in such a situation, but inexplicably, she just felt something was wrong. Something's wrong. With Xie Que's temperament, she did not believe that she would be identified by an attendant who had cuckolded him. But why did he do it? Lu Jianing fell into a myth for a while. Liu Shaowen, who was still kneeling in court, felt proud and asked Fu Shuyuan, "Sir, can you let me go now?"? I was really unintentional. I was pulled over that night, and then your people came. Why do you think it's such a coincidence? Fu Shuyuan took one look at Liu Shaowen, his eyes flashed a trace of disgust, but his expression was light: "In that case, Mr. Liu, please go back." "Oh, thank you, sir!" Liu Shaowen beamed. After retiring from the hall, Lu Jianing hurriedly caught up with Fu Shuyuan and said, "Master, this is not right. Liu Shaowen is so suspicious. Why did you let him go back?" Fu Shuyuan smiled inscrutably and knocked her head with a fan: "Your grandfather has his own plan." Lu Jianing looked puzzled: "What's the plan?" Fu Shuyuan said leisurely, "You will know later. Don't worry. Liu Shaowen will roll back by himself." Lu Jianing was even more confused. All right,oil dropper bottle, go to the backyard and have a look. The abducted girls are still in the Yamen. Only then did Lu Jianing remember this. After the group of girls were rescued, Fu Shuyuan had informed the officials of several surrounding jurisdictions that if a child was lost, they could come and have a look. I have taken away 7788 in the past two days. penghuangbottle.com

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