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Posted 11/08/2021 by Neighborhood Trainers

I'm Ready To Start Personal Training Again

I'm Ready To Start Personal Training Again

Many people have started to slough off the emotional scars of COVID-19 and begin engaging in old habits and routines from a pre-COVID world. The most popular way of reconnecting with life before COVID is getting back into personal training routines.

Personal trainers are vital to keeping people motivated and safe when reaching specific health and wellness goals such as strength training, weight loss, or endurance building.

The best part about getting back into personal training in a post-COVID world is that there are many new ways to get a workout in without having to go to the gym or violate social distancing measures.

Outdoor personal training

Rather than be packed into a small gym and wait for the use of equipment, why not try an outdoor personal training session? An outdoor training session with a personal trainer gives you the freedom to move around and the benefit of fresh air.

Outdoor personal training sessions are usually held at a park or green space near the trainer's house. They are easily accessible by any client interested in an outdoor workout session. Most trainers will have equipment on hand for use during training sessions, including dumbbells, kettlebells, yoga mats for stretching exercises, and mats for specific floor exercises.

Outdoor personal training is also excellent for clients who want to better their cardiovascular health by running or jogging. An outdoor private session can be incredibly motivating when the trainer follows the client during their run/jog, offering tips and techniques to improve speed, endurance, or lung capacity.

Personal training at home

If you live in a crowded urban area without much room for outdoor exercise, a personal trainer Williamsburg is an excellent way to get at-home training that will help you reach your fitness goals.

At-home Williamsburg personal training has the added benefit of being done around your specific schedule - perfect for those with a busy lifestyle or who work late hours. Additionally, at-home training can save you money on gym fees, parking, and travel.

This is perfect for those ready to get back into personal training but still feel awkward using public spaces such as gyms.

Virtual personal training

Still not ready to be around people or go outside but really want to get back into personal training? No problem. Check out a local personal trainer directory to find trainers who offer virtual lessons. Virtual sessions are a great way to have a dedicated workout partner without violating social distancing.



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