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Posted 01/18/2023

Immortals' Urban Life After Marriage (Morality)

"Sorry this young lady, I just hope you can be quiet, do not disturb the other passengers," the air hostess although the face is smiling, but in the heart is despising this pair of young lovers, "only more than 20 years old to complain about me? Hum, there are many people complaining about our air hostesses, and how many of them deal with it? 'Childish ', but she didn't know that what she wanted in her heart was heard by yuan Baheng, who didn't care at all on her face. yuan Baheng's practice of magic power has been advancing by leaps and bounds since he followed the book Xuanzi. In addition, yuan Baheng also learned a lot of Taoism from the book Xuanzi, which can be said to be both evil and evil. He frowned. "Other passengers?"? There are only four of us in the first-class cabin. Where are the other passengers? Besides, those two guys are sexual predators, and they've been looking at me since they got on the plane, you. Luo Xinling said more and more angry, this more than a year to see those fierce demon repair magic repair dare not say a word loudly, they are afraid of yuan Baheng, to Luo Xinling is respectful,gold shaking table, this let Luo Xinling slowly feel a kind of transcendent existence, now unexpectedly be contradicted in public, natural anger is not small, and Luo Xinling has slowly into the devil way, Those cowardice, timidity,Carbon in Pulp, kindness and other negative emotions of mortals have begun to fade slowly, the momentum of Luo Xinling's body revealed that the air hostess retreated a few steps, the air hostess at this time also some regret, she did not think that the girl's momentum was so terrible, like a lioness hidden in the grass, opened her mouth to apologize. But his lips trembled a few times, but he did not say a word. "Smelly woman, you don't be too arrogant, young people restrain a little, or I can give you a word." The 30-year-old young master saw Luo Xinling's extraordinary momentum and scared the stewardess back a few steps. Finally, he couldn't bear to look at her. How to say that the stewardess was also standing up for herself, and she was very beautiful. Her face was bright enough and her figure was slim enough. Maybe when she arrived in Japan, she could invite her to have a good chat. These stewardesses were all fragrant baboons for ordinary people. But in the eyes of a real rich man like him, coltan ore processing ,coltan ore processing, it's just a tool to vent his desire. A rich and powerful aristocrat like him will not marry a woman as his wife. Of course, it's easy to be a little lover. Almost all women love money, not to mention an air hostess who contacts high-level people in first class every day. She loves money as much as life. As long as you give them money, they will naturally be obedient to you in every way. It happens that this 30-year-old young man is short of everything else, even if he is not short of money. Furthermore, he said that a man should stand out. Just now this beautiful woman stood out for herself, and now she stands out for her. This is called mutual affection. "Don't make a noise, sit down quickly, don't be angry," Luo Xinling wanted to say something more but was stopped by yuan Baheng. As soon as she reached out her hand, she pulled Luo Xinling to sit down again. Luo Xinling's angry face was a little red, but yuan Baheng was like a man who had nothing to do. yuan Baheng, who was 30 years old, seemed to have heard nothing. It was just that when Luo Xinling sat down and hugged her in her arms, her left hand threw something out at random, green like a silk scarf. "Ah, my hand, what's wrong with my hand? It hurts." The 30-year-old shouted loudly before he finished the sentence. First, he shouted loudly and his body trembled. He felt as if his left hand had suddenly reached into the fire. It was burning badly, but he could not see anything on the surface. Then he shouted loudly again. Big drops of sweat came out of her face as she shouted, and then she fell to the ground and began to roll around, and the stewardess was still thinking about how to deal with it, but the young master's screams surprised her and frowned even more. "This gentleman?"? What's the matter with you, sir? What's wrong with you? The air hostess tried to make the 30-year-old young master greedy and asked softly. The concern in her eyes did not seem to be false. It seemed that this was another pheasant who wanted to fly into the rich and powerful family. The young master's hand could not see any strange place. The air hostess was curious to observe the young master's hand. Over there, Luo Xinling knew that it was yuan Ba-heng who had moved his hands and feet, so she snorted coldly and ignored it. "Ah, my arm, help, it hurts so much." The young master's face is as pale as paper now, and his teeth are clenched tightly. It's estimated that it won't be long before the teeth will be broken. He keeps screaming loudly, and his right hand keeps covering his left arm. The trembling and screaming all over his body alarmed the security personnel in the cabin. The security personnel were also a little surprised when they came. What the hell happened here? Before he could understand, the air hostess's face changed and she screamed, and the young master's screams were like a pig butcher, but the air hostess's screams were like a soprano, which made people almost deaf. The two security officers covered their ears and took two steps back, then saw an incredible sight, the eldest young master and the stewardess screaming and rolling, and in less than two minutes their hands and arms were shriveled, as if the flesh and bones inside had disappeared, and finally the breath of the two men was getting weaker and weaker. Finally,Portable gold trommel, he opened his mouth, rolled his eyes and ran out of breath. The skin in his body was still shriveled. Seven minutes later, two pieces of human skin in clothes were lying on the ground. The bones and flesh in the human skin did not know where to go. The middle-aged man over there was so frightened that his face turned white. The two security personnel were also trembling all over. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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