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Implementation of Watershed programs in Andhra Pradesh by the TDP Government

Implementation  of  Watershed programs in Andhra Pradesh by the TDP Government

Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu who was the successor of Shri N.T.Rama Rao has given importance to his valuable ideas and formulated vision 2020 to accomplish Swarnandhra to achieve development in rural areas, the government introduced new ideas like shramadanam, prajala vaddaku palana etc, to achieve the above goals the TDP Government in Andhra Pradesh has introduced Water shed programme for the development of Rural Agriculture.


The watershed Scheme is one of the Top TDP Policies programs to improve land and water management in upland areas and provide a livelihood to the rural poor. Apart from providing direct employment to rural labourers who migrate to other areas due to a lack of income, the watershed program helped in providing employment to more people. The geographical area of Andhra Pradesh state is 276 lakh hectares out of which 42 per cent i.e. 112 lakh hectares have been identified as unusable and degraded lands and these are under watershed schemes, which the TDP government and related TDP MLAs decided to develop.


Since 1995-96 a total of 8,610 watersheds have been sanctioned for the development of an area of 38.10 lakh hectares happened and by then the total investments made on watershed programs have been Rs.1289.57 crores. Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu and other TDP Political Leaders introduced, People's Participation Watershed Committees/ User Associations/Self-Help Societies, these programmes are implemented by Public share given under the Watershed Development Fund of Rs. 33.58 crores deposited in the bank which is used for the maintenance of structures.


The results of this TDP irrigation project have brought much progress to the irrigation sector in Andhra Pradesh, which has seen a growth in 5,600 watersheds that have been analyzed, The rise in water level (in meters) has increased up to 2.00 Percentage and 44% of wells that have been rehabilitated and the TDP Government have brought 3,40,705 of additional land under cultivation (acres), more than 3,62,086 Orchards, afforestation growth has been observed and Increase in milk production of 3,72,208 (litres/ day), the Migration of labour was decreased due to 57 per cent and a total number of 12 lakh families were benefited through the TDP Policies of the watershed scheme.


The TDP Political Party during their governance in Andhra Pradesh has concentrated on Watershed Development to improve the water resources and to possibly avoid drought by sufficient utilization of the land, sufficient utilization of water & natural resources to eradicate the drought. Encouragement of the watershed program by the formation of proper facilities to utilize the technical knowledge and technical

development with equal distribution of the Bio-mass product and land and Proper utilization of income resources are the significant TDP Contributions towards the development of the watershed scheme.


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