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Posted 01/04/2023 by Marmm Klinik

Important Steps To Get A Successful Hair Transplant Surgery

Important Steps To Get A Successful Hair Transplant Surgery

Physical pain does not take place due to hair loss. However, hair loss patients will face psychological disturbance when they face any type of hair loss. The most common type of hair loss in men is hereditary. This health issue takes place due to genetic and hormonal reasons and it may affect the next generations of the patient as well. 

You have to visit a reliable hair clinic in Indore to get proper treatment for genetic hair loss. Most hair clinics prefer hair transplant surgery for the proper treatment of male pattern baldness. 

The hair transplant surgery may cure male pattern baldness or permanent baldness perfectly.  To get successful results after the surgery, you have to follow a certain process. 

In this blog, we will talk about the step that you have to take to get perfect results.

Before we look at the steps, have a brief overview of the surgery. 

  • Hair transplant surgery overview

During the surgery, the surgeon will select baldness-resistant hairs from the back and sides of the head and transplant them into the recipient area of the scalp. Only the sides and back of the scalp grow permanent hairs. Therefore, hair surgeons must have the proper skills to choose only baldness-resistant hairs. 

Surgeons use two common techniques follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction for the surgery. 

  • Now, let us talk about the common steps:

1. Prepare yourself for the hair transplant surgery

Make sure you make up your mind completely to get the surgery. Clear your doubts and browse websites that inform you about the basics of hair transplant surgery. You should be clear about your expectations from the surgery before you visit a clinic for the consultation. 

2. Get familiar with the process of surgery

While you visit the best hair transplant clinic in Indore, your doctor will check your scalp with the help of a visual examination and certain tests. After this process, the surgeon determines the number of hair that you need to cover the bald area. Moreover, the surgeon will choose a suitable technique for you to treat your baldness. 

3. Follow the instructions

Your surgeon is supposed to provide certain instructions before the surgery. You must follow these guidelines since they are vital for success after the treatment. Do not hide anything from the surgeon if they ask about medications, health conditions, medical history, and the condition of your scalp. If you communicate with surgery effectively, you will get favorable results after the treatment. 

You have to follow the guidelines given by the surgeon after the surgery as well. Hair loss is a steady process. Therefore, transplanted hairs will take time to grow in the treated area. The scalp needs consideration time for healing as well. Therefore, you have to spend your time during the recovery period according to the wish of your hair specialist in Indore. If you are successful in following the instructions, you will see optimum results in the form of healthy hairs in the recipient area. 

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