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In the place where peach blossoms are blooming (1)

See small slow did not speak, a man only when she was afraid to give themselves trouble, said: "Yes, the next BOSS out is 5 days later, we go to play." The handsome little bully immediately cheered: "Long live Cheng Cheng!" Calculate the time, just the last time he said that day, did not expect this BOSS so simple to hang up, look at the pig Xiaobai said, she thought this BOSS how difficult it is. Pick up the sand soul belt, she carefully look at the attributes, it is really good, for the sudden appearance of Yunmou just brought about by the loss of madness, she has all forgotten! When a man comes back from a business trip, she will show him the belt. I don't know what he will say? You should be able to praise yourself more than you can believe, right? Hey, hey. Small slow is immersed in the expectation of a man's praise, suddenly heard a roar, she hurriedly back to God. A man dressed in red suddenly came out of nowhere and saw the huge BOSS who had died beside him. He shouted angrily: "My God!"! BOSS was robbed! Then several people appeared one after another, and in the blink of an eye, the overlord Xiaohua was surrounded in the middle. [Area] Mengmeng Snow: "What's the matter? What's the matter? Dig, dig, did BOSS explode the belt?" [Area] The Wind Killed the Emperor: "My God,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, I worked hard for a long time, but I was robbed!" [Area] Flute: "What do you mean?"? "Emperor" [Area] Wind kills Emperor: "I just chased here and saw BOSS dead. She's the only one here." [Area] Heart-eating Prodigal Son 33: "CAO, dare to rob Lao Tzu's BOSS?"? Is it this woman? [Area] Meng Mengxue: "Was someone's belt robbed?"? 55555 husband, you have to help others revenge. [Area] Heart-eating prodigal son 33: "Mengmeng wife don't cry, husband help you scold her to death!" The player, who was called the devouring son Langxin 33, took a step closer to the overlord Xiaohua, raised his broadsword and pointed it straight at her: "I CAO,D BHB Factory, you dare to rob our BOSS, your mother is # ¥%.." (Uncivilized language is automatically blocked by the system)!!! Small slow a look at this situation, can not help frowning, this person how to speak so ugly. Besides, she hadn't figured out what was going on. Dream Dream Snow: "The husband is very fierce, kill her to kill her!" This man named Mengmeng Xue seems to be the wife of the prodigal son, but why don't you persuade and provoke? Under the strong pressure of disgust, the small slow politely asked: "Hello, I do not know you, I am passing by, I would like to ask you what is a misunderstanding?" The wind kills the emperor: "… …" Flute small flute: "Dizzy, = = emperor, she is to pass by..." Yeah, she just got excited and sent it here at random. She's never been to this map before. The wind kills the emperor: "Impossible, I find this to see her a person." He turned to her again. I ask you, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Quillaja Saponin, did you see anyone else just now? Small slow wanted to think: "Seem not to have." The wind kills the emperor: "Who killed this sand God seven souls BOSS?" It seems that she killed him. I don't know why, but I have a very bad feeling. Overlord Xiaohua: "I killed it. It rushed to me. I only sent a skill, and it hung up." Flute small flute: "Dizzy, this is us, you rob BOSS." Ah? Is this also called robbery? She just saw the monster coming straight at her and subconsciously fought back to defend herself. Overlord Xiaohua: "But I saw it as soon as I got here. It ran towards me. I can't wait to die." The wind kills the emperor: "Have some common sense?"? Sand Soul BOSS will not take the initiative to attack the player! What does that mean? "Unless you attack it first, we have been guarding BOSS here since the morning, just hit it with only a little blood, it is about to die, you this woman suddenly ran out to give it a skill, of course it has to die!" The wind killed the emperor and said angrily. Sand Soul BOSS and other BOSS settings in Peach Blossom Island are not the same, see players will not take the initiative to attack, and there is a very BT skill, that is, the invisible skill of escape, to put it bluntly, is to run away at any time in the course of the battle, but after escape does not restore full blood. So the player will be a little tired, to look around in that map, find it and cut a few knives, it escaped and found again, continue to cut again, until it runs out of the last trace of blood. And it is the last one who has the highest damage value, and the things that burst out are his. So Xiao Huan just happened to run into it, and just as it was beaten down to a layer of bloody skin, she went down with a knife, and it died. The female player named Mengmeng Snow snorted and walked up to her: "Bad woman, rob other people's things, really bad, really bad, don't hurry to return my belt to me!" Finally find out the context of the small slow, although she knew that she had no intention of robbing someone else's BOSS, but for this kind of insolent person, she really did not like. Originally wanted to apologize to say sorry, the words to the mouth and abruptly changed to: "I never want to rob anyone's things, not to mention those who do not know is not guilty, even if you kill this BOSS is not easy, do not insult others." Dream dream snow listens to small slow so say, begin to splash: "Bad woman, bad woman, you are bad woman!"! Husband Bad women bully me! 55555……” Small slow helpless toward the ceiling rolled his eyes, it seems to be encountered unreasonable. The heart-eating prodigal son 33, who was called her husband by Mengmeng Snow, was even funnier. He held up his broadsword and posed to attack. Well, she wanted to see what he wanted to do. I saw the heart-eating prodigal son 33 getting closer and closer, the broadsword gradually gathered green light, and the unique skill of the swordsman was about to send out to the overlord's little flower. It's too late to say, but it's too soon. A red shadow flashed by, and a voice whispered,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, "Prodigal son, stop!" The sudden appearance of the woman in red Xiao slowly blinked his eyes and stared at the screen in disbelief. What is this? A swordsman in red with a broadsword on her back suddenly rushed between her and the heart-eating prodigal son and made a systematic action of opening her hands. Look at her posture, is it difficult to help each other on the road. pioneer-biotech.com

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