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In the realm of Betwixt the majority of Shaman summons

This and the Elden Ring jokes are filed under the Shaman class portion of the patch notes in which Blizzard writing that Shamans can be transported to a different plane of existence that lies between Azeroth and the Elemental planes--the worlds "Betwixt." Going to this new realm will place Shamans into a "Blemished" condition, which means the moment they die, they lose all their glyphs . They will need to retrieve them following their death.

In the realm of Betwixt the majority of Shaman summons will be replaced with the Spirit Jellyfish, while the Shaman's Spirit Wolf form will now be known as "dog." Blizzard notes that the realms Betwixt are full of mystery. Those who are Shamans are able to help one another in revealing by leaving messages that "would never mislead or deceive anyone at any time."

Naturally, they're all jokes inspired by From Software's critically-acclaimed RPG, making fun of all sorts of things from Elden Ring's rune currency players constantly referring to every creature inside Elden Ring by the name of "dog" via The game's chat system.

While the Elden Ring jokes definitely stand out, there's plenty of other puns that can be discovered inside Blizzard's April Fool's Day patch notes. Its title is in reference to the name of the recently released"Eternity's end" update.

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