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Irrigation Projects to Maximise Water Supplies

Irrigation Projects to Maximise Water Supplies


In Andhra Pradesh, before 1956, major and medium-sized projects had a combined irrigation potential of 29.73 lakh acres; from 1956 to February 2015, that potential increased to 39.35 lakh acres. Since its beginning until February 2015, Minor Irrigation and APSIDC have produced an irrigation potential of 32.63 lakh acres. As a result, the state's new overall irrigation potential under major, medium, and minor irrigation as well as APSIDC is 101.72 lakh acres.

The major goals of the irrigation department in Andhra Pradesh are to maintain the current projects and develop irrigation potential in upland and draught-prone areas to increase agricultural production per unit of water. To stay updated about Srikakulam local News you may follow our website & keep yourself updated with the TDP achievements.


To provide relief from the water shortage, Nara Chandrababu Naidu vowed in 2017 that at least one irrigation project will be launched every three months. The Chief Minister claimed that a team of officials was being dispatched to New Delhi to resolve the Polavaram difficulties, as instructed by Union Water Resources Minister Nitin Gadkari, and stressed that the project would not be halted even if the State disagreed with the Central government.

The Pattiseema Lift Irrigation Project, India’s first major River Linking Project connecting the rivers Godavari and Krishna, was completed on time. This project created a massive irrigation potential by diverting 80 TMCs of water 174 kilometers to the Krishna River and eventually into water-stressed Rayalaseema. Reach out frequently to our website for more Srikakulam district TDP updates.


"The government has pledged to finish all of the irrigation projects, which will cost about 43,000 crores. We finished the Pattiseema project, which connected the Krishna and Godavari rivers to bring water to the Krishna delta, in a record amount of time last year. The Purushottapatnam lift irrigation project, which will assist the residents of Vizag and East Godavari districts, is being inaugurated this year" he said.


Nara Chandrababu Naidu further stated that Andhra Pradesh would soon become one of the top states in the nation. He asserted to have convinced the Modi administration to include seven Telangana Mandals in Andhra Pradesh as part of the Polavaram project. You may get the most recent TDP news and TDP policies in Srikakulam on our website.

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