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Is Literary Composition and Creative Writing for Me? | Excelsior Classes

Is Literary Composition and Creative Writing for Me? | Excelsior Classes

Career Overview

Creative and Literary Composition writers are proficient in a range of fields, such as techniques for marketing and sales and techniques, music, dance visual arts, drama communications, and media. Other crucial abilities that literary composers and creative writers can develop are the ability to efficiently manage their time and be able to perceive social contexts and think in a creative manner organize thoughts and think clearly. Writers are often trying to master every aspect of their craft, which includes expression grammar style, mood fluidity, revision of the plot, characterization, and dialogue. English Creative and Literary Analysis Introduction Writers need to keep a certain level of honesty, reliability as well as flexibility, and perseverance to be able to adjust to the latest projects and be successful in their pursuits.


Literary Composition works are classified as novels, poems and television show scripts music, librettos, theatre and operas, journalistic diaries, reviews, memoirs, and biographies. The focus of technical writers is usually on a specific technology or science-related material including manuals and textbooks.

Employment Information

Based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the median income for writers and creative authors was $57,750 at the time of June 2013 (www.bls.gov). Writers and authors can anticipate an increase of 3% over the decade of 2012-2022. The median salary of the technical writer was $67.900 in that same year. Technical writers could anticipate an increase of 15% in the same period which the BLS believes is faster than typical.

Technical writers can find jobs in professional and scientific service firms as well as data processing companies. Other creative and Literary Analysis Introduction writers may be employed by newspapers, advertising agencies, or book editors. In addition, many writers work as freelance work. This means that they get paid per task.

How Can I Work in the Field of Literary Composition and Creative Writing?


To get ready for postsecondary school and possibly a career in the field, you may take English art, speech, and history, as well as computer science classes while in high school. Based on whether you want to write fiction or nonfiction or both, you can enroll in a bachelor's degree course in English with a focus on composition and rhetoric or creative writing. You might want to take a journalism degree in case you want to work for newspapers. Common courses offered for undergraduate students within each of these programs are major literary arts such as Literary Analysis Introduction, theory, and Analysis and electives in subjects that overlap like film or gender studies or the study of linguistics.

Many potential writers and composers of literature decide to take a master's degree course in English or the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing. MFA courses typically let you concentrate on the genres you prefer to write in prose or poetry, while also taking electives. Other requirements for graduation are student teaching as well as the creation of the thesis. Creative writers can take advantage of MFAs. provide many opportunities to be published in Literary Composition journals that will help your career as well as result in more book deals or publications.

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