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Posted 03/03/2023 by Marmm Klinik

Is Stress Also A Reason For Hair Loss

Is Stress Also A Reason For Hair Loss

Hair loss occurs because of several reasons like chronic illness, stress, hormonal influences, genetic reasons, medications, scalp infection, and poor diet. 

Not all reasons cause permanent baldness. Permanent hair loss or male pattern baldness occurs because of genetic and hormonal reasons. However, other reasons may trigger permanent hair loss as well. hair transplant in Indore is the most reliable technique for permanent hair loss or male pattern baldness. 

The main topic of this blog is hair loss and stress. According to hair loss experts, hair loss may take place due to stress as well. 

How does stress bring hair loss in your life?

If you face stressful conditions in your life for a long time, your body will promote the secretion of the stress hormone called cortisol. The body generally releases stress hormones when the brain sends signals of emergency to the body parts. In this condition, the body will stop the functions that are not vital for survival. Surely, hair is not included in vital organs of the body. Therefore, the body will stop hair growth when it releases stress hormones for a long time. 

Treatment of stress-related hair loss

Stress hair loss is a temporary type of hair loss. Conditions may improve if you try to reduce the level of stress in your life. 

you can also take these steps to reduce stress levels:

Meditation and Yoga:

Meditation and Yoga cause a relaxing effect. It brings the level of tension down and makes you happy from the inside. Meditation and Yoga promote a positive mindset. Therefore, the bad effects of stress steadily go away to improve the condition. 

Leave the poisonous place:

If your office is full of politics and gossip, you have to leave this environment as soon as possible. It is better you live in a productive and positive environment to feel happier. Leaving the negative place will automatically improve the condition of your scalp and hair. 

Rest for a while:

Change your habits if you are a workaholic person. Constant work makes your mind full of stress. Therefore, spend some time in activities that relax your body and mind. Leave your place and go out of town to have a vacation, do what you wanted to do always like painting, gardening or reading a good book. 

Meet an expert:

If stress is affecting your psychology, you need to meet an expert. Psychological counseling will help you overcome stress. 

Have a healthy diet:

A healthy diet is the primary demand of the body. Therefore, have a nutrient-rich diet and keep your hair healthy. 

Finally, if you are sure that your hair loss is something more than temporary hair loss, you have to see the best hair transplant surgeon in Indore

 Your doctor will treat your scalp according to their findings. 

Sometimes, it is not possible to control hair loss with the help of lifestyle changes. In this condition, you really need an expert who will treat your hair loss with the best available options. 

You can come to the Marmm Klinik to have a reasonable hair transplant price in Indore if you are facing male pattern baldness. 

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