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It's a fact that people are always forgetful regardless

With the end season NBA Regular Season, NBA 2K updates the scores in line with the performances of the players throughout the season. For instance, Klay Thompson is one of the delighted fans. After a long period of lows, Klay's score of 2K is again. It's back to 90 OVR.When Klay first came back this season, he had to leave his position in the NBA in a long time or suffered a sequelae from an injury to his leg. This led to his performance on court extremely bad. Except for the first few games, the rest of the major portion of the game has always caused people to believe that he's not a fit into the team. He made an ineffective ball-handling attack at the offensive end. Due to physical limitations, he can't defend the primary line of the opponent's players on the defensive side. This resulted in the Warriors losing numerous games in a row and made fans and the media unhappy with Klay and coach.

It's a fact that people are always forgetful regardless of fault or credit. The public is prone to forget the previous contributions of Klay as a member of the Warriors and instead observe Klay in a state of inactivity and use a magnifying glass to magnify these infinitely. A few fans even suggested the coach lay Klay off the court or even trade him in full. But have they ever wondered what a coach might do to put a player who has the highest salary in the arena? This is a disrespect to an All-Star player. Klay was also a fantastic three-point shooter prior the injury, and putting Klay on the bench is going to result in irreparable psychological harm to the player.In the wake of Klay's lack of activity, there's only two options left for the coach. Either give up on him or rely on the team's performance to allow him to continue practicing for Klay.

This is a gamble, there is no way to know what the outcome will be. However, luckily it was the coach who won the bet. After more than 20 regular-season game, Klay regained his form on the court, and he became more reliable. 

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