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It still highlights a potential feature

When Blizzard stated that World of Warcraft would get cross-faction WoTLK Gold support as of patch 9.2.5 It made it clear that the feature wouldn't initially provide the possibility for Alliance players as well as Horde players to be part of the same guild as their home. This small detail, however hasn't stopped players playing on the public test realm, who have discovered how to make cross-faction guilds into a possible reality through an error.

As reported by WoW designer MrGM (via Wowhead), the ability to join an instanced game or raid on the PTR together with a member of the other faction while possessing an official guild charter allows the formation of a cross-faction-based guild. This is because the game is for all purposes treating players using the new cross-faction option as if they are all members of the same faction inside an instance, which allows the new guild chart to be signed only by members of the other faction. It is believed that only members of the other faction that sign up this way can make it into the guild, and the normal guild-invite feature only being available for members of that same faction.
The bug will no doubt be fixed prior to patch 9.2.5's complete release, but it still highlights a potential feature that many gamers believe will soon become an official realisation. It wasn't that long ago that grouping with members of the opposing faction was a dream. But the possibility for players of the Horde or Alliance to join forces in a friendly manner is becoming a reality. Moving cross-faction support further, allowing guilds that are cross-faction is the natural next step.

But it could be some time before Blizzard is prepared to cross the bridge. As WoW Game Director Ion Hazzikostas has said in interviews, the doors remain open to the possibility of cross-faction guilds. However, Blizzard will consider feedback in order to make certain of its decision as there would be no way to roll back such a feature once those restrictions were lifted.

Patch 9.2.5 is not yet set to have an exact release date, however it is likely to launch soon. When it launches it will feature cross-faction support and new story content which can serve as an epilogue for the Shadowlands expansion. It will also introduce Shadowlands Season buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold  that will bring back previous raids in Shadowlands and Mythic dungeons from earlier expansions such as Legion as well as Warlords of Draenor to be pertinent once again.

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