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Posted 05/26/2023 by Khushi Sharma

Karwa Chauth Fasting Rules

Karwa Chauth Fasting Rules

Karwa Chauth is a significant Hindu festival celebrated by married women in India. The day-long fast observed during Karwa Chauth holds great religious and cultural importance. In this blog, we will explore the fasting rules and guidelines that are followed during Karwa Chauth, providing a comprehensive guide for those participating in this auspicious ritual.

Abstinence from Food and Water 

The most fundamental rule of Karwa Chauth fasting is abstaining from food and water from sunrise until moonrise. This strict discipline symbolizes the devotion and sacrifice of married women for the well-being and longevity of their husbands. It requires willpower and determination to endure the entire day without consuming any form of sustenance.

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Sargi: Pre-dawn Meal 

Before the fast begins, married women partake in a pre-dawn meal known as Sargi. It is usually prepared by the mother-in-law and consists of nutritious and energy-rich food items such as fruits, sweets, and vermicelli. The Sargi meal provides nourishment for the day and helps sustain the fasting women until they break their fast at night.

The Ritual of Arghya 

During Karwa Chauth, married women perform the ritual of Arghya, which involves offering water to the moon. Just before moonrise, women gather in a group or individually and offer water to the moon using a metal container or their palms while reciting prayers. This act is considered auspicious and signifies seeking blessings for the well-being and prosperity of their husbands.

Moon Sighting and Breaking the Fast

After offering Arghya to the moon, married women eagerly wait for the moon to rise. Once the moon is visible, they seek its blessings by looking at it through a sieve or cloth, and then at their husbands. Following this, the fast is broken by having a sip of water or a special drink offered by the husband. The husband lovingly feeds the first morsel of food to his wife, marking the end of the fast.

Dress Code and Ritualistic Items 

Married women traditionally dress up in colorful and festive attire on Karwa Chauth. They adorn themselves with jewelry, including bangles, mangalsutra, and bindis, symbolizing their marital status. Additionally, they carry a Karwa (earthen pot), a sieve, and a puja thali (plate) containing various ritualistic items during the puja.


Observing the fasting rules of Karwa Chauth is an important aspect of the festival. By abstaining from food and water from sunrise to moonrise, married women demonstrate their love, devotion, and sacrifice for their husbands. Following these fasting rules and guidelines not only upholds tradition but also strengthens the bond between married couples and creates a sense of spiritual connection.

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