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Key tips to Remember While Paddle Boarding

Key tips to Remember While Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding has taken water sports by storm. The activity offers a delicate balance between adventure, fitness and leisure. Hence, all kinds of sports fanatics are increasingly indulging in it. 


If you've wanted to try out a new sport for a long time, paddle boarding presents the perfect opportunity. Today, we'll look into a few tips and tricks you should follow while paddle boarding. Even if you have a 10’6 paddle board in UK, knowing these tips will help keep yourself safe when dealing with tricky waters. 


SUP Boarding Tips 101

Moving into the world of SUP Boarding is one of the most delightful experiences ever. When you start, we recommend following these tips for safety and getting the most out of your experience:

  1. When you go paddle boarding, taking your friends along is beneficial. You get to have a lot of fun and also get help and support if you encounter a difficult situation. Another way would be to find a mentor or trainer.
  2. Take your phone with you when going SUP boarding and leave it on the beach you set out from. Seas can be tricky, and weather changes can cause tides to shift within minutes. Hence, keeping your phone on the beach will help safety workers track you down in emergencies. 
  3. Always tell someone when going out for paddle boarding. You should always go to an area under lifeguard protection in your early days. Once you gain experience, you can always venture alone. 
  4. Check the weather forecast for the time you want to set out. It helps you understand whether or not you'll encounter difficulties like a storm at sea and enhances your safety.  
  5. While you may want the thrill of challenging nature, seas are dangerous. Hence, wearing a lifejacket for additional buoyancy is always recommended. In case you do fall off, there’s no risk that you’ll drown. 
  6. Wear comfortable clothes that are suited to the weather. In summer you can easily be done with a swimsuit. However, in the winter, wearing something warm helps you stay active and attentive. 
  7. When launching on a lifeguard beach, always launch between the chequered flags. The territory is marked according to visibility and ensures safety while paddle boarding. 
  8. You should use a leash when you use a paddle board, irrespective of its size. Whether you've bought a 10’6 paddle board in UK or a longer one, a leash always helps you pull your board back in the middle of the sea. It's highly functional and helps you stay safe amidst a challenging terrain.


Those were the top tips for paddle boarding safely. We suggest you follow the same to ensure your first experience isn't bad. 


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