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Posted 12/30/2022 by Pain Management NYC

Knee Injections for Osteoarthritis in NYC

Knee Injections for Osteoarthritis in NYC

Your knees are fragile, weight-bearing joints that take a lot of abuse, but they weaken as you age. If you start feeling knee pain, rest and ice are usually the first remedies to try. But if the pain or swelling doesn’t go away, it can be managed with a knee injection. Visit us for the best knee injections in New York. You’ll find a variety of knee pain treatments, from cortisone injection knee treatment or steroid injection for knee pain to viscosupplementation injections and genicular nerve block injections. To know which treatment is right for you, consult with the pain specialists at New York City pain management.

About 250 million people worldwide complain about knee pain, and the number of cases keeps rising. Athletes — like hockey, football, and soccer players — are more likely to injure their knees, but people with regular jobs that put additional stress on the knees — like housekeepers and manual laborers— are also at risk. You may suffer knee injuries because of osteoarthritis in your knee.

Getting a knee injection may be the best way to heal a knee injury. The non-surgical procedure helps reduce both your pain in the knee and any swelling. Consult with a pain management doctor in New York to diagnose the exact cause of your knee pain.

When your knee pain becomes unbearable and more conservative treatments like rest or ice aren’t effective, knee injection treatments may be the answer. If you’re suffering from arthritis, knee injections for arthritis provide pain relief and greater mobility for a period of time. While not everyone may benefit from injections for knee pain, they’re ideal for some.

Your best pain management specialist in NYC must first diagnose the cause of your knee pain. Injections for knee pain offer faster relief because the medicine goes directly into the knee joint where the pain and swelling occur.

If you have any questions or concerns, our team of top pain management specialists in New York is here to help. Contact us: (212) 224-9555

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