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Posted 10/25/2022 by Fossil Age Minerals

Know Everything About Daspletosaurus Teeth

We must thank paleontologists for discovering many things about dinosaurs, mammals, and other species. With the information, they also found unique fossils, which can now be used for decoration at home or as workspace. It will add more charm to the room, giving it a more attractive look. Let's discuss the daspletosaurus teeth in this blog.

Check Out a Few Facts About Daspletosaurus Teeth


Daspletosaurus belongs to the family Tyrannosauridae and the subfamily Tyrannosaurinae. The subfamily includes Tyrannosaurus, Tarbosaurus, Teratophoneus, Zhuchengtyrannus, and Alioramus.


1) Meaning Of Their Name And Their Identification


The word Daspletosaurus in Greek means' frightful lizard'. Further, Daspletosaurus torosus was a theropod meaning 'beast foot,' inspired by the pointed clawed, three-toed feet of these animals. These dinosaurs were nine meters long, with heavy bones, crests above their eyes, and muscular tails. Besides, it increased by about 180 kilograms a year. 


2) Habitat Of Daspletosaurus Teeth


Found Daspletosaurus teeth in swampy and upland areas, where the climate is warm and seasonal. They were found in the Late Cretaceous period, 77-74 million years ago. 

Few individuals are fond of these dinosaurs, gain information about them, and buy real fossils to decorate their homes and other spaces.


3) Feeding And Diet Of Daspletosaurus Teeth


Since the Daspletosaurus Teeth possess clawed feet, and formidable jaws and teeth, they have the potential to kill herbivorous prey. Moreover, scientists have also found that the dinosaurs might have had different strategies or targeted and hunted other prey to share the available resources.


4) Behaviour Of Daspletosaurus Teeth


Scientists believed that Daspletosaurus was either scavenged for dinner or prey, as one of it was found with a tooth stuck in its hip. They also found that the Daspletosaurus Teeth with facial wounds might be fighting for food with other breeds. 


5) Daspletosaurus Teeth's Origin


The Daspletosaurus Teeth is an incomplete skeleton, including the skull, a forelimb, the shoulder, the pelvis, and the femur. It was discovered in 1921 by Charles Mortram Sternberg. 


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