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Posted 01/25/2023 by Fossil Age Minerals

Know Everything About Spinosaurus Fossils For Sale

Know Everything About Spinosaurus Fossils For Sale

Fossils are the few remnants through which the past of the earth and its ecology can be predicted. The same goes with the Spinosaurus fossils, a strong dinosaur from the genus of spinosaurid dinosaur found with large spines on its shoulders in 1912. After thorough research, it has been speculated that Spinosaurus lived in the Late Cretaceous period around North Africa. They are related to the mixed genes of crocodiles or lizards. Further, they are the longest-known terrestrial carnivore that comes with variations of theropods such as Carcharodontosaurus and Sigilmassasaurus. Explore more exciting facts about Spinosaurus in detail.


Fossils of Spinosaurus tell a lot about their paleontology. They are speculated to be 14 meters long and weigh around 8 tons. Most of their body weight comes from their spine, which makes their chest heavy. On the other hand, it provides a heavy shield for the dinosaur. Paleontologists speculated the horn-like spine on the back could be the attribute feature of Spinosaurus to attract their female counterpart. They used to live in the mangrove forest along with plesiosaurs, turtles, lizards, crocodylomorphs, and pterosaurs. Thus, you will find Spinosaurus fossils near Pterosaur teeth, Lizards, and Plesiosaurs fossils.


Explore More Facts About Spinosaurus Fossils!


Spinosaurus is an extinct species closely related to the Crocodilia family. Further, Spinosaurus has two cervical vertebrae, twenty teeth, three sacral vertebrae, one caudal vertebra, seven dorsal trunks, four thoracic ribs, and gastralia. Having such strong specimens under their belt, these species survived up to the late Cretaceous period. According to the research, the largest Spinosaurus fossils are speculated to be around 22 meters in length and weigh around 20 metric tons.



Spinosaurus have elongated jaws, raised nostrils, and conical teeth and are known for eating large fish. They apply strategies similar to thresher and sailfish to target shoaling fish that get concentrated into a bait ball. Generally, young Spinosaurids look up to small fish, while bigger ones approach large aquatic animals. The attributes of rostral morphology of Spinosaurus fossils conducted in 2013 suggest these creatures allow their jaws to resist bending in the vertical direction. However, its jaws and teeth show a similarity to the poor adaptation of Baryonyx and modern alligators. Thus, you may rarely find them hunting land animals. 


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