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Posted 12/02/2022 by 10G FPGA NIC

Latency Management Tools - The Latest Low Latency Future Technologies

Latency Management Tools - The Latest Low Latency Future Technologies

If you are finding the best services for TCP Acceleration look no further than Intilop CorporationLow latency is a necessity for Datacenters, Banks, Cloud Servers, Networks/Infrastructure, NAS/SAN, and Enterprise network applications. InfiniBand (IB) bandwidth provides low latency operation for Latency-TOE using RDMA capabilities of the Roca protocol for low latency application performance. Intilop Corporation's TOE (TCP Offload Engine) allows users to run standard TCP/IP and UDP/IP applications over RDMA implemented on InfiniBand Switches and Routers.

The TOE IP provides a complete set of hardware and software stream management functions targeting the highest throughput in the market. The latency targets of the Intilop TOE can be implemented for Infiniband, Ethernet and ESCON. Remote DMA allows this CPU to be placed very close to peripheral devices. This is often not possible with other solutions due to their higher latencies and lower throughput. Since most data traffic is TCP/IP we control the flow; so it's possible to reduce latency even further, if that's important to you. See more about our solutions for the Storage and Networking industry at www.intilop.com

In addition to software and hardware, we have been delivering low latency and high performance storage products that are crucial in supporting super fast processing of any data. Our network storage products will greatly improve the performance of your applications as well as insuring that data is always available when you need it. Our team can offer you the expertise and flexibility you need to maintain your infrastructure.

Intilop Corporation's Low Latency TOE is a high performance and low latency solution for Datacenters, Banks, and Cloud Servers, Networks/Infrastructure and Enterprise network applications.

We are one of the leading Latency TOE suppliers to customers with high performance and low latency requirement. Our Low Latency TOE helps in making your applications more reliable and efficient by considering the demands of Data Centers, Banks, Cloud Servers, Networks/Infrastructure, NAS/SAN and Enterprise network applications.

Intilop Corporation provides a wide range of products within the IT industry to meet the needs of enterprises and startups. Our products and services include Low Latency TOE, High Speed Storage, High Quality Wireless Solutions and Data Centers. We offer customized product solutions to customers globally but also we provide consulting services for unique hardware and software development that are suitable for each client’s needs.

You can visit our website https://www.intilop.com/ or contact us at 408-791-6700

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