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Posted 08/16/2022 by Anne Finnegan - CPRW

Latest Resume Format 2022. What's new?

Latest Resume Format 2022. What's new?

Latest resume format 2022. Answer yourself some questions!

There are various different resume formats you could find surfing the Internet, downloading, and editing. But let's talk more about the latest trends. Which resume format is better to get a high response rate from the hiring managers? What tricks are often used by resume writing agencies to craft your resume the way it looks more professional and polished, according to the latest resume format 2022 trends? Do you know all the answers on these questions above? If so, just read another post)

Which Latest resume format 2022 in trend?

First of all, you should check if your resume 2022 is ready for submission. Spelling, wording, Grammar, and other types of mistakes are not allowed.  After this part is done, let’s try to understand what position you’d like to get, your chances, and your relevant experience. The list below would help us to do that:

>>I’d like to submit my resume just for 2-5 companies and would like to get a feedback from the hiring managers<<

In such a case, it’s better to use a targeted resume. It's a special resume format 2022 that is customized specifically to highlight your relevant experience and skills to the job you’re applying for. It will take more time to customize your resume for each position you’d like to apply for. But it is worth of time you spent, especially if your previous experience is relevant to a vacant position. 

>>Hiring manager get in touch with you on LinkedIn or in Skype. They would like to see your summary and accomplishments, then a full-sized resume<<

Good call they found you. You should prepare a so-called “small” or mini resume in such cases. What should be there? A brief summary (4-6 sentences) highlighting your experience and top skills. You could also use it for other networking purposes.

>>I do believe the classic resume is not the latest resume format, I’d like to use it in 2022. I’m a creative person, I’m looking for something new…<<

Yes, and it’s your choice. If you’re a web designer or Lead artist or whenever you are, and you don’t want to use traditional approaches, you could use a nontraditional resume format 2022:

– Infographic resume

– Linkedin profile resume

– Online portfolio resume

– Website-based resume

– Video resume

Latest resume format 2022. Poses and Cons

There are not any poses and cons. You choose your resume format. Nobody knows which one would lead you to your job. Hiring managers always say the same: “Good specialists are in the right places, but who knows, maybe you’re the one who are we looking for?”

Provided to you by Anne Finnegan - certified professional resume writer with over 20 years of experience, the founder of resume2022.com

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