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Posted 03/19/2023 by Panjinang26

Lithium Iron Battery suppliers

Lithium Iron Battery suppliers Applications: cameras, flash lamps, all kinds of lamps and lanterns, electronic office supplies, computer information storage devices, remote control, household electrical appliances, medical equipment, etc.。 I/ Products specs ModelLFB AAA Dimensions10*45mm Capacity1100mAh Voltage1.5V Environment of usage-40~80℃ CertificationsCE、ROHS、UL、FCC、KC、IEC62133、CQC、UN38.3、MSDS I/ Production process FAQ 1.Q/What’s the highest charge of a polymer lithium battery A/ The highest voltage of a polymer lithium battery is 4.2 V. 2.Q/ Should a protective plate be added to a lithium-ion battery pack? A/ Yes. To prevent an over discharge of the battery 3.Q/ What is the advantage of the protective plate on the battery A/ To protect the battery through an overcharge and over current process. 4.Q/ Is it possible to have a larger capacity for a battery? A/The capacity and size of the battery is proportional to the size, the larger the size, the larger the capacity. 5.Q/ What’s a high rate battery? A/ If the current of the battery is too large or more than 3 C, it requires another battery. 6.Can a Lithium polymer battery be used in high temperature environment? Lithium polymer battery can be used in a high temperature environment of 80 ℃ 7.does polymer lithium battery exist in cylindrical form? yes, it does exist. 8.Can a polymer lithium battery size be customized? Yes, it can be.Lithium Iron Battery suppliers website:http://www.sum-battery.com/industrial-battery/lithium-iron-battery/

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