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Lost Ark players will be able to enter

Obviously, they want to bring HP Potions, more specifically Elemental HP Potions since they allow for two more heals for a total of seven. Whirlwind Grenades are a must for Albion's Stagger Check and can even be used to get rid of Angry Moguro Captains damage buff even quicker. Time Stop Potions are a good "last resort" for some of the more challenging mechanics, such as Albion's Lightning Storm or Moguro Captain's Upgraded Spin Attack. Marching Flags or Swift Robes are also very helpful for Albion's Whirlwind Memory Game just like they helped out a lot in the Road of Lament's Najjar fight. While neither Boss can be cleared all too quickly, Dark Grenades never hurt and make the fight take a bit less time overall. And of course, as always, players should have many of the Skill Point Potions already collected and their Raid Class Setup equipped with regard to their Gear, Faceted Ability Stone, Engravings, and Accessories.

Aira's Oculus is the first Tier 3 Abyssal Dungeon Lost Ark players will be able to enter, and there's quite a lot they'll need to know to clear it.

Oreha's Well is currently the first and only Tier 3 Abyssal Dungeon in the NA/EU version of Lost Ark. Considering the pace at which this game's player base is making it to Tier 3 and the current state of Honing, it only makes sense that there isn't a ton of 1325+ Item Level content quite yet. That said, with the April Update's inclusion of the Battle Pass, it doesn't seem like the content is too far off.

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