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Posted 09/02/2022 by goMDnow

Lowest Price DOT Consortium

Lowest Price DOT Consortium

Random Selection

goMDnow will help you in the DOT Random Selection process for Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance

You need DOT Alliance drug and alcohol testing services to make your auto shipping business compliant with U.S. requirements. Ministry of Transportation. You are also interested in reducing costs by ensuring your random selection plan is affordable without compromising the quality of service. Personal Lab Services can help you meet all U.S. DOT random selection compliance needs.

Compliance is Not an Option

Failure to comply with DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations may cause your business to be in violation of 49 CFR Part 40 Shipping Rules and U.S. DOT regulatory procedures. Businesses that do not or do not have a program of compliance face fines and risk immediate removal.

goMDnow offers you Expertise

The DOT drug and alcohol testing program should give you confidence that you are complying with all the complex regulations of the Department of Transportation. With goMDnow, you'll have everything you need for a DOT-compliant drug and alcohol test. Our program has passed numerous DOT audits.

goMDnow has the most advanced online system on the market with experienced operations staff and an in-house MRO. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive. They are there to take care of you.

Lowest Price DOT Consortium

goMDnow offers affordable drug & alcohol testing consortium programs to stay DOT compliant and meet FMCSA mandatory guidelines. Enroll Today for $49.00 / Year for Unlimited Drivers.

Simple Pricing Structure Only Pay for The Tests you Order.

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