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LYKA: Why Online Shopping Sites Switching to Mobile Shopping Apps?

LYKA: Why online shopping sites switching to mobile shopping apps?  

The fact is that people have been increasingly depending upon mobile apps to seek information on products and services. They also are using apps to shop their favorite products. With smartphone user numbers increasing very fast, online retailers are rather compelled to rethink their marketing strategies. Also there is the need to look very closely at how their customers prefer to shop, their desires and dislikes. A revised strategy will help retailers to be in business, survive and achieve immense success or simply wind up. 

Increasing convenience

The truth is that people these days have become more time conscious. The advent of the high speed internet combined with the convenience of deriving information at their fingertips has only made them more impatient. Majority of the consumers are no longer interested to waste their energy and time to visit the local or far-off stores to buy some products. They prefer to get everything using their smartphone. It is quite easy to pick up the phone, activate the net and search for items using different apps. LYKA is a popular app that can be relied upon for shopping. 

Online shopping

Be it desktop, laptop or smartphone, shopping online has become fun-filled and an exciting venture. By 2020, the reported smartphone user numbers have crossed 2.87 billion. This number is only likely to increase with passing time. Shopping online is preferred as it is quite convenient. As a matter of fact, shoppers can use any kind of device of their choice to shop any product. It can even be a single product or several of them ordered at a time, based on their needs. LYKA is one such app that can be used for shopping and seeking other valuable information. 

Benefits derived from mobile apps for ecommerce store

  • Mobile apps are found to have the least shopping cart rate of abandonment with mobile sites at 97%, desktops at 68% and apps at 20%.
  • These days, customers can be found to be spending 3-4 times longer using their mobile apps when compared to desktops or laptops. 
  • Mobile commerce apps are found to be twice effective to compel customers to visit again to shop within 30 days when compared to desktop/laptop. 
  • On mobile apps, average order value is found to be about 140 percent higher when compared to mobile sites. Again when compared with desktops it is found to be 130% higher. 
  • Customers are found to spend twice the amount on mobile apps unlike mobile or desktop-based sites. 

Understand the reasons

Each benefit that is listed above is considered to be the major reasons for retailers to shift their business to using mobile apps. The fact is app has lots to offer. The above are several key benefits that that ecommerce store is likely to experience. Well-developed mobile apps do help take business to the next level.

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