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Posted 01/24/2023 by FME Extensions

Magento 2 Custom Checkout Fields Extension

Magento 2 Custom Checkout Fields Extension

Magento 2 Add Custom Field to Checkout is a great way to customize the checkout process and provide customers with an enhanced checkout experience. With this extension, users can add custom fields to their checkout page, allowing them to capture additional information from customers during the checkout process. These fields can be used to request additional information from customers such as shipping or billing address, phone number, and other preferences. The extension also includes a feature that allows users to create custom field types, including radio buttons, drop-down menus, checkboxes, and text fields. With the Custom Checkout Fields Extension, users can quickly and easily customize their checkout process and make the checkout experience simple and efficient for their customers.

Key Features:

  • Add custom fields in checkout internet web page
  • Add as many as 8 custom fields
  • Display custom fields in the patron order view
  • Custom fields are displayed in an invoice, shipment, and credit score rating memo
  • Determine the type order of the fields
  • Option to pick the difficulty kind (Text and Textarea)

The extension also allows you to create custom order attributes and store them in the order details. This is great for tracking specific order information such as payment method, shipping method, or any other information that is important for your business. You can also easily export the data to CSV or XML format for further analysis.

To enable the display of additional checkout attributes in emails and PDF documents, you will need to configure the settings in the admin panel. First, navigate to the Settings > Orders section and select the “Checkout Attributes” tab. Here you can configure the display of each checkout attribute in emails and PDF documents.

Once you have configured the display of checkout attributes, you can view the answers the customer provided against each order field in the order emails and PDF documents. This will allow the customer to easily reference the answers they provided during checkout.

This extension also provides support for custom customer attributes and supports multiple custom fields. It is also easy to customize and provides flexibility as you can add, edit, or delete customer fields and store view-specific fields. 

The extension supports customer groups, store views, and multiple customer attributes. It also allows you to have a different set of fields for each customer group and store view. You can also define customer-specific fields and store view-specific fields. All in all, this extension makes sure that the checkout process remains smooth and efficient.

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